Neutral Colors: The Easiest Way to Have a Minimalist Home


These days, there are tons of different ways to make your home looking amazing. Minimalism is one way of making your house differ from the rest; it’s a way of removing items from your house to make space look much more open, bigger and cleaner.

It’s no surprise that the ‘modern’ look is minimalistic; mainly because of the fact it looks clean, professional, stylish and chic, all in the same package.

As an example, my house is a semi-minimalistic house, especially my bedroom. I decided to decorate my house very intriguingly, my kitchen, main bedroom, and living room are Japanese-style minimalistic; and as it so happens, these are the same places which get the most compliments.
Once, a guest went into my kitchen and said: “I’ve never seen a kitchen this clean looking, ever!”

While I do like to think I keep my house clean, their exclaimed reaction was not because of tidying up, it was because of the overall design.

What a Minimalistic home looks like

Minimal Furniture for a minimalist room

While it’s obvious that having a minimal amount of furniture in a room would technically qualify it to be minimalistic, but there’s a lot more to it. A living room may just have a couch, chair, coffee table, minimalist entertainment stand for the TV (if not wall mounted), a few minimalistic-looking modern lamps.

Minimal Furniture for a minimalist room

The above mentioned are a general guideline, a minimalist room may contain even fewer things. Bookshelves, dressers, too many shelves kill the minimalist vibe of the room and make the room cluttered.

Clear Surfaces
minimalist room clear surfaces
Flat, clear surfaces are a major decoration in Minimalist houses. There are a lot of small, clean knick-knacks that can be added on top of these surfaces, but not stacks of newspapers or books.

Accent Decorations
Minimalist Home Accent Decorations
Accent decorations are a great way of filling up minimalist spaces to not make them look like they’re empty. Instead of having a coffee table that is void of any option (and life), have a few, small, interesting, modern looking objects like glass vases, family pictures in minimalist frames, tasteful pieces of art, etc.

Always choose better over more when it comes to minimalism
Classy Minimalist Home
Minimalism is all about keeping it classy, chic, clear and high-quality. Instead of going for more furniture, go for quality furniture; need a new table? Go for a nice table instead of 5 pieces of press-board furniture.

How to make your house minimalistic

Start with one room at a time
Minimalist Home Bedroom
If you’re redoing your house’s style, starting with one room at a time is a great way of keeping focus to your goals (in terms of style) and you can much better match the theme to other rooms later.

Start with the furniture
Minimalist furniture
A minimalist room begins with the furniture; it’s not about just reducing the amount of furniture, it’s about putting in quality, modern-esque furniture that helps the room look more clear, simple yet chic. You can use your old furniture too, just add a minimalist touch to them if it’s already the type.

Clear the floor, walls, and surfaces

The floors should be completely clean; nothing should be there that you can run over, walk on, or just look at when you’re casually walking past the room. Clear the floors and shift to the bare essentials and nothing more.

Minimalist single art wall decor

Your walls should have simple, nice pieces of artwork instead of a lot of cluttered, low-quality artwork.

Surfaces should also be clear of unnecessary items and cluttered ornaments which look shabby. It’s important to keep everything extremely prim and proper, minimalist and modern.

Simple decorations
CGS Grey Shaker Kitchen
As stated in the above-mentioned tips, a couple of simple decors can provide accents for a minimalist room. A vase of blossoms or a tiny potted herb is two classic samples. If the others of your room have subdued colors, your accents might use a dazzling color (such as red, or yellowish) to sketch the eye and present an ordinary room a splash of energy. You can buy ready to assemble cabinets in many different shapes and sizes; a lot of them fit the minimalist criteria too.

Store products out of look

It has been talked about in the above-mentioned tips, nevertheless, you should store all you need out of perception, in drawers and units. Bookshelves may be used to store literature or Dvd videos or CDs, but shouldn’t have much else except a few simple adornments (not whole series of things)

Edit and remove

When you’ve simplified an area, you often will do more. Give it a few days, then take a look at everything with brand new eyes. What can be removed? Stored out of view? What’s not essential? You will come back again to each room every couple of months, and sometimes you will discover things you can simplify even more.

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