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The 4 Coolest Wooden Bed Styles To Look Out This Summer

As the summer approaches, more and more people look for reasons to stay inside their homes because of the heat of the sun. While most people would go out to enjoy the summer, some people consider it as their rest time. This means more time inside the home, more movie viewing in the bedroom and more time for the family. But let’s admit it, not all homes are cool and relaxing like hotels. Not all furniture is summer friendly, especially when it comes to beds.

These beds were commonly used during the 80s and early 90s because there were no air conditioners nor electric fans back then. People utilize the ventilation advantages of wooden beds to have a more comfortable sleep. Nowadays, wooden beds are not that popular because there are already modern beds available. The good news is some wooden beds are now modernly designed and can be enjoyed by wooden bed lovers.

There are different beautiful wooden beds available on the market. Different styles, colors, design and structured wooden beds have been made easily reachable in different parts of the world. People can also customize their wooden beds according to their style and bedroom. Wooden beds are handmade so customization would not be a problem. Five wooden bed styles are listed below, which you might consider using for summer:

1. Studio Beds

Studio Bed Frame in Cream Leather

This bed will just serve you right. Whether you’re a parent, an employee, a child or a boss, studio beds never go out of style. Studio beds are one of the most comfortable wooden beds you can use. It literally serves its purpose of being a bed by making you want to lay down all day and night. These beds are also a lifesaver because they can be converted into a wall bed (if you want it customized), giving you more space to do your yoga, exercise or anything you want for the summer.

2. Four Poster Beds

Windsor Handcrafted Four Poster Bed
From the name itself, “four” means you can chill with your whole family with this type of wooden bed. This is what summer looks like for most families — spending time together. Four poster beds are usually placed in the master’s bedroom so little children can crawl up and join their parents on a hot Saturday morning while watching Marvel movies.

3. Sleigh Beds

Connecticut Painted Sleigh Bed Headboard
Contrary to most people’s conceptions, sleighs are not only for kids nor Santa Claus. It also looks good during the summer. If you visit, a lot of sleigh beds are available at a friendly price. This style of wooden bed can make your bedroom look more playful. This type of bed is also perfect for the summer because of its simplicity.

4. Metro Beds

Metro Bed Frame Headboard
Lastly, for a more modern looking bed, metro beds are there to save you. This bed looks good with all bedroom styles because it’s minimalist, simple and beautifully crafted. This is perfect for millennials who want to have a touch of art in their safe haven.

Wooden beds are generally for all types of people. It’s more structured than the modern designs nowadays. This summer, treat yourself with a more relaxed vacation using wooden beds.

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