Table Decoration: Best Ideas for the summer!

Summer is the season of fun and frolic, bright colors, fresh flowers and warm sunshine. Beach parties, barbecues, 4th of July parties, pool parties, and other fun summer events are a great way to celebrate this vibrant and refreshing season. And when you’re having parties, setting the table can set the mood of the party. Summer table decoration is not as difficult as it may sound. You might even have most of the decor items at home or readily available in the markets. And with the vacations starting, you can even involve your kids in the decorations. Having the kids help you in some creative table decoration projects can keep them busy and entertained. It’s time to get to work and let your creative juices flow! And if you’re looking for some inspiration, we have some of the best and most effective summer table decoration ideas to get you started.

Cheerful Yellow Table Decor

Cheerful Yellow Table Decor

Yellow color brings a cheerful and fresh look wherever it is used. So, of course, it’s perfect to bring the summer vibes to your table decoration. For nature lovers, using fresh lemons and limes in a glass jar with sunflowers and greenery can give a fresh look to the table. You can use yellow flowers and bring yellow accents in tablecloths, table runners, placemats, etc.

Fruity Fun for Summer Table Decor

Summer is a season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bring this fruity freshness to your table with fruit decor. Decorate with fresh fruits by making a table centerpiece, creative fruit vases, fruit candle holders, colorful fruits in a jar, etc. You can also use colorful fruits to bring accents into your main table decor. For example, red cherries and yellow lemons can bring pops of color in a simple white table decor.

Creative Vases with Fresh Flowers

Nothing signifies summer better than a bunch of fresh fragrant flowers! Bring this fragrance to your summer table in creative way by using unconventional vases to hold fresh flowers. These objects could be a flowering pot, antique jars, cute colorful cups, glass jars and glasses, etc. Just add some fresh flowers to the vase and let the flowers do the talking!

Floral Prints in Table Runners

Floral Prints in Table Runners
Fresh flowers look great when fresh, but the sad fact is they fade and wither away. If you want the freshness and vibrancy of flowers to last more than a few hours, you can go for floral printed table cloths and table runners. These colorful prints give a cheerful summer vibe to the table decor within your budget. You can shop for affordable printed table runners at or use artificial flowers in glass bottles and mason jars as lasting table centerpieces.

Sand and Shells Beach Table Decor

If you love a sunny beach day in summers, why not take your party to the beach! And even if you can’t do that, you can bring the beach to your table. Corals, sea shells, starfishes, and sand, all bring a beach like feel to your table. Create beautiful DIY beach vignettes with sea shells, starfish replicas, and candles sitting on a bed of sand in glass jars. You can also make table centerpieces with corals and sea shells.

Simple Elegant Flower Place Settings

Simple Elegant Flower Place Settings
While most of us prefer colorful and bright table decorations for summer, there are many minimalists out there who prefer to keep things subtle. If you too prefer a subtle approach, use single flower stems as place settings to keep things minimalistic. A simple flower arrangement for table centerpiece or a few small faux flower vases along the table also give a summer vibe with minimal fuss and expenses.

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