Subtle Warning Signs Of Plumbing Issues You Should Never Ignore

Dripping faucets, leaking pipes and running toilets are bound to leave you worried as a homeowner. But at times, there are just subtle signs that your living space has major plumbing issues. To make things worse, these could result in emergencies if you fail to notice them and address them on time. So it makes sense to be aware of such indications and take action before things go from bad to worse. Here are some subtle warning signs of plumbing issues you should never ignore.

Slow drain

It is easy to ignore a slow drain but it could be a sign of a major plumbing problem. The issue could be a clog near the drain or somewhere further down the line, the latter being a more serious concern. While you clean up a simple clog with a bit of DIY, one that is located deeper requires professional help. Slow drains throughout the house should be taken seriously as this indicates something major like tree roots growing in the sewer line.
Slow drain

Discolored pipes

Keeping an eye on the pipes in your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement is important so that you can detect any signs of discoloration sooner rather than later. These could be present on the pipes and joints. It is a strong indication that moisture is present, probably due to a leak in the supply line or a dripping sink. A supply line leak is something you should address on top priority because slow leaks have the potential to turn into a big mess pretty quickly.

Sewer odor

A typical plumbing system has multiple traps and drains, which are designed to keep sewer gas from entering your living space. Ideally, the vents should channel the odor up to the roof of the house, while drain traps should stop it from reaching in through the sink drain.
Sewer odor
Sewer odor in the house indicates that there is a problem with a vent, trap, or both. You must contact an expert Plumber in Geelong Victoria right at the first sign of foul odor from suspicious areas. This isn’t something that you can detect or fix on your own, so the sooner you call an expert, the better it is.

Spiking water bills

Another sign that you may not really be able to associate with plumbing issues is ever-spiking water bills. While it will pressurize your wallet, the rising water bill could also mean that something is wrong with the plumbing system unless you have increased the monthly water usage. Running toilets are the most common reason for the water bills jumping up, though multiple slow leaks here and there could also contribute.

Bubbling paint

If you notice that the paint on the ceilings and walls is bubbling or peeling off, it is probably a sign of moisture underneath. Don’t associate it with a structural issue because it is more likely to be caused by a leak in the roof or plumbing system. It is time to call a plumbing professional when you see bubbling or blistering, or brown spots on a ceiling or wall of your living space.
Bubbling paint
Just being a little more watchful and taking timely action to address these issues can go a long way in preventing major repairs. Moreover, it can keep your place in top shape at all times.

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