Stress and Pain-free Landscaping Hacks

Landscaping is hard work and requires a lot of physical labour. However, innovative landscaping tools like forklifts, compact tractors, or scrapers are readily available on purchase or on rent to make your landscaping job easier and smoother. landscape gardener, professional landscapers and horticulturists use these labour-saving landscaping tools to make beautiful gardens and immaculate landscape.

Today we will explore some features of these landscaping tools, that will make your landscaping efforts stress free. These tools are affordable and some can even be rented saving you money on purchase and maintenance. Let’s begin.


These are particularly handy when it comes to moving dirt and aggregates from your site. Make sure you use them for amply open spaces as these machines move fast for cut and fill activities.

Compact Tractors

Compact Tractors

These are perfect for gardening and landscaping purposes. It is commonly called a “garden tractor”. Ideal for cutting weeds, aerating the soil to prepared it for planting, clear snow or lawn leaves and for towing light materials, Compact Tractors are versatile and easy to handle.

Compact Wheel Loader

Easy to operate, these silent machines will not disturb your neighbours when you are working. With a huge load carrying capacity Compact Wheel Loaders can move earth and transfer materials from one place to the other.


Forklifts, among others, are one of the most essential equipment for material handling in landscaping jobs. These are great for moving equipment at both outdoors and indoors locations. Some brands and types of forklifts are particularly efficient at making the landscaping job much easier – whether it’s moving an unused shed from your backyard, removing soil, rocks and gravel from your garden or moving fallen trees.


Choosing the right kind of forklift machine for the kind of job you have at had is vital.

The best ones for architectural landscaping and gardening jobs are Rough Terrain Forklifts and Counterbalance Forklifts.

Rough Terrain Forklifts are best suited for outdoor work. Ideal for garden and architectural landscaping, their most common applications are:

  • Moving materials, like sand, gravel & soil
  • Storing objects
  • Shifting supplies
  • Lifting pallets
  • Loading & unloading

But these forklifts can be made more versatile by adding the necessary attachments. Depending on the wide of range of attachments you choose, these forklifts also be used for other applications like light digging work. These machines can also clean up after themselves.

Counter Balance Forklifts are the most common multi-purpose forklifts. If are not aware of the specific needs that landscaping job will involve, counter balance forklifts are your best bet. Straight forward and simple to use, these are the ideal choice for most applications. 3-wheeled models offer higher manoeuvrability than the 4 -wheeled ones.

It is important to take note of a few things when choosing forklifts as your landscaping tool.

Whether you are in need of a simple pallet jack for your indoor warehousing need, or a rough terrain forklift to make your outdoor landscaping job smoother choose reliable forklift on hire service providers like Mars Forklifts who offer wide range of forklifts on hire and make sure that these machines are in top shape, have high safety ratings, reliable to use and function well in rugged terrains as well as indoors.

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