Storage Solutions for Your Loft Conversion


Loft Conversion

Attics and lofts are often a place in the home that you use for storage. The unique design of the loft space means that many people write it off in terms of any function beyond storage. Instead, you’ll store seasonal items, sporting goods, and boxes upon boxes of stuff in a space that has so much more potential. A loft conversion allows you to add so much additional space to your home, not to mention raises the market value, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice that valuable storage space that you previously used it for.

Here are some fantastic storage solutions for your loft conversion that will still allow you to store all your stuff, while also adding an extra room to your home:

1. Custom storage

Floating shelves

Loft spaces are never perfectly symmetrical and they often have slanted roofs, making purchasing storage closets that fit more difficult. You can find shelving units, wardrobes or chests of drawers that fit in the space, but not perfectly, meaning you’re missing out on the potential of maximizing the space.

By having custom storage installed as part of your loft design, you can tailor it to all the intricacies of your room, ensuring that you use every nook and cranny. You can fit shelving into the walls, use open cubbies or install wardrobes with hanging storage. Depending on the function of your loft, you can create a storage solution that fits what you need.

2. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are some of the most flexible options when it comes to storage in your loft conversion. They can be as large or small as you like, and you can fix them anywhere there is a flat piece of wall. You can get super creative with floating shelves and make them a part of the décor. The best part is that they fit into smaller and more awkward spaces where you couldn’t fit an entire shelving unit.

3. Furniture with hidden storage

Furniture with hidden storage

There are some fantastic pieces of multifunctional furniture which also secretly house a storage area. If your loft conversion is an extra bedroom, you can add some under-the-bed storage which will give you tons of room for additional items. There are beds with drawers underneath or those that fold up to reveal a wholly hidden space. You can also fit storage underneath/inside your couch, your coffee table, in an ottoman or within your side tables. There are lots of ways you can maximize the storage space in your loft without making it look like you’ve got excessive storage everywhere.

4. Baskets and decorative bins

If you’re looking for an inexpensive storage solution that doesn’t require construction or special design work, then baskets and decorative bins are a great option. Baskets can easily fit into smaller spaces, so you won’t be as limited in terms of where you can put them. Additionally, you can stack baskets on floating shelves or in cubbies to keep your items more organized than just having them loose on shelves. There are many beautiful options that will suit any décor from woven baskets to modern, clear bins.

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