No Time? No Problem! 3 DIY Carpet Cleaning Hacks for All Homeowners



Does your job leave you with no time to breathe? If your time is divided between looking for a cab and worrying about your dog pooping on your carpet, by the time you will be home, you are bound to be paranoid and all worn out. Remember when cleaning your carpet used to be easy? Wait, when was that? When you vacuumed it, and you thought that you were done. Well, it is a simpler and more effective process now.

Check out these three carpet cleaning hacks that you could do all by yourself! Don’t believe me? Caution. Surprises ahead.

Your Good Old Friend – The Iron


Did your two-year-old trip over the half-full teacup on the carpet again? Or was it your beagle? The most unsuspecting carpet cleaning product already exists in your home – It is the iron. The process is simple. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Let the tea stain stay. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dirt and dust off of the carpet.

Step 2: Keep a hand towel handy, dip it in some water, and lightly dampen the tea stain. You can use this method with any other stain as well.

Step 3: Placing the towel over the tea stain, let the iron do its job. With a little bit of ironing, the stain will start coming off your carpet.

A few rounds of ironing later, your carpet = as new as ever!

The Two Fluff Techniques For Dents, Blots And Everything Beyond

There are two ways to do this.

The First method begins with stop fretting over that blot on your carpet and put on your best apron (There might be some spilling)

Then, add some vinegar and water into a spray bottle and spray it onto your carpet. Another household item makes an entry here – our weapon of choice, the spoon. Hold it on its side along the carpeting just enough to fluff the fibers up.

The second method includes ice cubes. The plan is to let the ice cubes melt onto these spots. Tap the excess moisture and soak it into a towel. But lightly. Remember the iron? We’re going to need it again. Run your iron on the dented spot with a towel in between. At some point, the fiber of your carpet will feel dryer. Let it dry and watch the magic unfold.

DIY Carpet Cleaner + Alternative (Bonus)

Old carpets can have a large amount of dust, dirt, and allergens collected in them. At this point, it’s common to either roll your carpet up or give it away. What if I told you there was another way? No, you don’t have to purchase a carpet cleaner, but you can certainly make one. Say what?

Yes! A deep cleansing carpet cleaner can work wonders for your vintage (Let’s just call it that) carpet. If you didn’t pay attention to the lab in school, you should now.

A disclaimer: Follow the recipe at your peril.

Ingredients: ¼ cup of white vinegar, 4-5 drops of any oil, 2 tablespoons: fabric softener, ¾ of a cup of hydrogen peroxide (do not use without adult supervision), and some soap.

Mix all these in one hot gallon of water. Then, use this DIY carpet cleaning mixture on your carpet. To top it off, it’s chemical-free and cheap!


Bonus: For special occasions, fill your carpet shampoo machine (you can purchase it online) with your favorite shampoo and some warm water. The machine sprays the dry foam onto your carpet and gets rid of the dirty solution for you. So you’re left with a swanky new fragrant carpet!


You need not feel guilty about not devoting enough time to clean your carpets routinely – you just have to do it right when you do. When in doubt, check out the best carpet cleaner products in Australia instead. Your carpet deserves better care!

Be sure to leave a comment about which one of these helped you out the most and your preferred way of cleaning your carpet!

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