Still Using A Watering Can? Time to Upgrade Your Garden

There is something meditative about walking around your garden, watering each plant individually by hand. Walking the length of the garden, time and time again to fill the trusted old watering can. It’s a truly lovely experience; but can you make time for that as often as your plants need to be watered?

Even if you have all the time in the world, your garden is always growing and changing, you should be open to changing with it. A great way to change up your garden routine is by upgrading your watering system to a reticulating system. There are many benefits to utilizing an installed and automatic system.
Upgrade Your Garden

For folks living in a hot city like Perth irrigation solutions such as installed reticulation are a great way to get the consistency of daily watering without having to set your alarm and get up early every day. This is because one of the main problems faced by people in areas where the summer temperatures can reach 40 degrees celsius, is evaporation. Evaporation can impact how much water is actually being absorbed into the ground and getting to the roots of your plants. The best way to avoid this issue is to water early in the morning when the temperatures have cooled off, allowing enough time for the water to soak in before the sun reaches its zenith. This is one of the major time and cost-saving benefits of a reticulation system.

One of the main concerns you might have with a system like this, over say, your traditional watering can is what happens when it breaks down? The obvious answer is you get it repaired but that can be no small task. If you want to make sure getting your repairs done goes as smoothly as possible it’s a good idea to make sure that the company you get to handle the installations of your irrigation system is also willing and able to handle the repairs that system might require. This might seem like an obvious thing to consider but too many people opt for the cheapest option at the moment without due consideration for the long term costs.

Finally, when making the switch from what is essentially a manually functioning garden to an automatic one, it’s good to remember that your garden is still going to need you. While getting some form of automatic irrigation system can be a great way to upgrade your garden it can’t replace that human element. From things like soil and fertilizer to plant selection, care and harvesting there are many things that can’t be automated.
Your Garden
So when you choose to upgrade your garden, don’t toss away your watering can just retire it. Instead, think of the time you spend tending to your garden as the simple pleasure it should be. Obviously there is a lot more to your garden than simply the watering of it, but with that off your plate, you’ll have more time to tend it.

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