Steps in Choosing a Home Painter

You probably have been building your home, and now you’re at the finishing stage. Or maybe you’ve been staying in that house, and now you want to give it a new look. What makes your home different from the rest is the paint and not the color but the workmanship. Now, to achieve your intended outlook, you have to get the right painting contractor. Someone who has been in the painting business for a while and has embraced new technologies regarding painting. That way, you can look forward to incredible results that will add value to your house.

But how do you get that painter? Continue reading and see some of the things to consider.

Explore your options

When trying to locate an appropriate painting contractor, there’s no shortage of resources. The only challenge is that you can’t be sure that the one you land on when browsing through the internet is right. But you can begin somewhere, right from your phonebook, check through the internet for painting companies near you. As you go through them, you will see their credentials and compare them with the feedback from their reviews page. Check out the highly reviewed websites; the highly reviewed websites tend to be more dependable than others.

Allow for multiple bids.

Once you check out different companies, you must come up with a list of ten that have drawn your attention. You can now invite bids from each. That will allow you to compare their offerings—Runaway from the temptation of choosing a company because they have the lowest bid price. Most unreliable companies will offer the lowest price bid to lure you into signing a contract with them. Once you’re in their “hook,” they could even disappear once you’ve given them a down payment. A rule of thumb when choosing a painting contractor here is to consider someone who guarantees the best quality even if they’re more expensive than others.

Blue color painting wall with roller

Blue color painting wall with roller

Interview the candidates

When you have a list of painters that have paced their bids, shortlist to a maximum of ten and invite them for an interview. Where possible, the interview should be one-on-one. There you ask questions about their communication and experience. Let the painter give you a list of clients they’ve worked for and the results. Their client portfolio will tell you whether they are the best fit or not. 

Ask tough questions but respectfully. Someone who finds it hard to answer questions or feels offended by obvious questions is not worth the offer. 

Be within your budget.

Talking about “value for money” doesn’t mean you allow for those exaggerated quotations by some contractors. Of course, you have a budget that you’re working with. The quotation should not be far beyond what you anticipated to use in the project. Yes, the amount can exceed what you projected but should not be too high. Get a trusted home painter who understands the local market and can negotiate for better materials like the paint. That could save you a fortune. 

When choosing a painter, get someone with the best skills and ready to give you the best outlook at a reasonable cost. Look for one whose reputation is beyond reproach and with excellent communication skills. 

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