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Spicing It Up: 6 Unique Accessories That Will Make Your Bathroom Much More Interesting

Your bathroom has to be functional and fit for purpose but that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting and attractive to look at.

One of the main ways you can add some new dimensions and points of interest to your bathroom is to use some accessories that turn one of the smallest rooms in your home into one of its biggest features.

Here are some creative ideas for the sort of unique accessories you might want to use in order to transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

Somewhere nice for all of your necessities

Somewhere nice for all of your necessities

If you are looking for some attractive storage options you might want to check out Unique Vanities, also, there are loads of options available for combining the necessity of having easy access to bathroom essentials with a touch of style.

A good solution would be an attractive bathroom accessory caddy that gives you a home for most of the items that you will want to use on a daily basis but does more than provide a storage option if you choose wisely.

One idea would be to use a ladder-shaped caddy that will help keep everything looking neat and clean while also ensuring that you use all of your available wall space as economically as possible.

One advantage of an accessory like the ladder-shaped caddy is that it is a timeless design that is capable of looking good in all types of decor and design themes, you just have to choose one that matches perfectly.

Signs that point to a great bathroom design

Signs that point to a great bathroom design
It is not hard to find inspiration when you are searching around through the glossy magazines and brochures and one idea that you will see feature quite regularly is the use of decor signs.

A plain wall can be instantly turned into a feature wall when you use a wall decal.

You might decide that you want a theme around the bathroom of related words in the same sort of style to inspire you and there are loads of different options to choose from such as a rustic country bathroom sign that signposts where the little room is located or a bold “splash” or “relax” wall decal that is finished in a style that is in keeping with your particular theme.

Hooks and shelves

Hooks and shelves
The art of good design is to use an accessory that is mainly functional and add a touch of flair at the same time, solving a storage problem with more than a hint of style.

We all need some hooks around the bathroom for hanging towels and robes but they don’t have to be any old boring ones, especially if your aim is to lift the look of your bathroom in a number of subtle ways.

A reclaimed wooden board with a rustic hook on it, for instance, will look way better than a plain old hook on its own.

The same applies to shelving, which can look miles better when it shows that you have put some thought into it and use the same reclaimed wood, or maybe a bleached style, whichever works best for your design preferences.

Like the industrial look?

industrial look
If you want to make a bold statement with your accessories a great way of doing that would be to work on an industrial theme for your bathroom.

Industrial themed bathroom decor is right on trend at the moment and you can see why because it gives you so many design options when it comes to using accessories to give your bathroom a unique look.

The industrial accent can be applied using anything from a toilet roll holder to a light fitting or even a mirror, so get inspired if you like the idea of a bold industrial finish to your bathroom.

Yes, you can make a toilet roll holder become a stylish accessory!

Toilet roll holders can often be an afterthought as they are hardly the most interesting thing you have in the bathroom, but you can’t exactly do without toilet roll so you might as well make it a stylish feature if you can.

You might want to consider something like a “Tic Tac Toe” toilet paper rack that creates playful noughts and crosses theme, that almost manages to disguise the fact that this accessory is storing toilet rolls.

If you have a sense of humor and want to make guests smile when they use your bathroom, this is one of several ideas that could do just that.

Even if you are a bit unsure about the idea of putting your toilet paper in such plain view on the wall, despite the fact that it is being done in a fun and interactive way, it is worth remembering that the wall rack could be used for some other accessory if you change your mind or just fancy swapping things around.

Take it to the next level

Take it to the next level
Any good interior designer will almost certainly tell you that a good mirror or frame is an accessory that often delivers plenty of style and panache by taking your room design to a whole new level.

Bathrooms are definitely no exception when it comes to using a stylish mirror to really jazz things up.

There are so many different options when it comes to mirrors that you will be able to find what works for you if you look around, which means that if you want to make a bold statement with a huge ornate mirror that fills a wall and brings the room to life, or like the idea of combining lights with your mirror design, this can be done with style every time.

A neat trick with mirrors is that they can help to create the impression that a room is bigger than it is, which is great if you have a small bathroom space, plus, mirrors are also brilliant at making the most of the natural light you have available.

That’s why mirrors can be the ultimate accessory when it comes to spicing up your bathroom design.

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