Sparkling White Kitchens – The Hot Trend of 2019

When we picture a white room, we consider it similar to a blank canvas a painter uses to create art. The potential of a sparkling white backdrop is exciting, but if you will want to keep the colour scheme limited to this single shade then you may have countless questions. There are two possibilities from which you can choose, you can opt for an all-white interior design or you can pair the milky hue with some other colours to create an interesting visual effect.

The do’s and don’ts of using white in interior design

Decide what white you prefer

Decide what white you prefer

Yes, the topic of the article is a sparkling white kitchen, but before discussing kitchens, it is important to understand how to use it to create a balanced design. Choosing white for interiors, no matter if we are speaking of a kitchen or another room of the house is not an easy task. White comes in multiple shades if you can believe it, and when you will find out all the variations you will probably be confused for a couple of moments thinking about what hue should I choose?

Well, before deciding the shade, you should think about the architecture of the kitchen. Three things are important when selecting the variation of white you want to use, the finish, the undertones, and the natural light of the room.

Do you want to create a warmer atmosphere? Then you should choose the white that comes with a yellow undertone if that makes sense to you, white is not always pure white.

Does your kitchen get lots of natural light? Opt for a cool shade of white to obtain a balance in the room. If you have an artificial lighting system installed in the kitchen, you should go with a pink undertone.

Find furniture

Find furniture
We have already established that the kitchen will be all-white, therefore choosing furniture should not be a difficult task. But it is! If you do not pay attention to details, it can look faded. Before buying furniture items and appliances, you should decide what the theme of the kitchen will be. Even if we are speaking about a kitchen, it is important to keep in mind that every room of the house should tell a story.

Do you prefer a modern, gallery-like kitchen? Choose furniture and appliances in clean lines, cold materials and hard corners.

Do you want the kitchen to feel inviting? Go with warm white woods, weathered, and whitewashed.

A country rustic style works great with a white palette, think about it if you have no idea what theme you prefer.

Ideas of sparkling white kitchens you can inspire from
Ideas of sparkling white kitchens you can inspire from
Now that you know the basic rules you have to follow when creating an all-white kitchen, it would be useful if you would check some of the most amazing kitchens designed according to this trend. Take a peek at the next sparkling white kitchens that caught our attention.

A kitchen designed in the mid-century farmhouse style

A kitchen designed in the mid-century farmhouse style
When it comes to the farmhouse style, it is important to note that all the furniture and appliances are custom made. The farmhouse style is very inviting and cosy and it mixes white hues with warm brass tones and wood furniture items. The room receives lots of natural light and the designer counted on this aspect when he decided the model of the cabinets. They are all custom-made in a cool white shade to reflect the natural light and to enhance the airy atmosphere of the room. Even if the chosen design is the farmhouse one, it is combined with modern vibes, the kitchen being constructed according to an open-floor space. It is a family room, it has the purpose to host numerous persons daily, to cook and eat together. The home is constructed in a traditional wood frame building style and the design of the kitchen incorporates wood elements to create a connection with the rest of the house.

A kitchen perfect for a modern house

A kitchen perfect for a modern house
If you want to avoid clutter in the kitchen because let’s face it, it is not simple to keep an all-white kitchen clean, then you should count on simplicity. Less is more. Fewer items, less time spent on cleaning the space. The kitchen was designed with the purpose to draw attention to certain items like the pedant light and the kitchen island. All the appliances are hidden from sight, and tucked in, in the furniture surrounding the kitchen island. The kitchen island contrasts with the wooden hues of the floor; it has the form of a monolith sculpture, placed above the level of the floor. The kitchen island was placed on an aluminium platform; and silver tones were used for fixtures and appliances. This type of kitchen relies on the expertise of the plumbers, because its functionality depends on the way the plumbing system is installed. A kitchen that is part of a living room area should have the plumbing system installed by a professional plumber, because the last thing people want in a white kitchen is a flood.

Sleek white kitchen

Sleek white kitchen
For this kitchen, the architect decided to compliment the white of the appliances and cabinets with some oak chairs for the dining table. It is interesting to observe the transition from the kitchen to the dining area. The kitchen is an all-white space, no other hue was used, and the dining table and chairs are placed close to the entrance of the kitchen to warm the space with the nude tones they feature. The kitchen is quite small in comparison with the other ones listed above, but its minimal style makes it feel spacious. The house is designed on an open plan to allow the homeowner to mediate the elements. Instead of using walls, the architect decided to use furniture items to set the boundaries of the room. The white cabinets are custom made and they are installed similar to a wall to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. They were installed from the floor to the ceiling to create the impression of a wall. The final impression this kitchen offers is the one of a modern functional space.

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