Some Important DIY Moving Details That You Must Not Miss

To save on the moving cost, many people embark on a DIY move mission. But you know the hassle and difficulty present in a DIY move. When you try to move by yourself, there are a lot of things that you have to take care of. To make a smoother and efficient move, it is crucial to give attention to all the tasks present in the entire moving process. So, grab a paper and pen right now and prepare a DIY moving checklist. 

This is only the way to avoid common mistakes so you could have a successful move. If you want to know about the things that people usually overlook during a move to avoid this mistake then have a look at these tips as offered by the trustworthy local movers near you:  

Start the packing earlier: 

Remember that you have to do the entire moving-related tasks by yourself when planning for a DIY move. With no professional help, it will be difficult for you to pack the entire home in just a few boxes in a short duration of time. Therefore, to avoid any complications in the relocation process, you should start packing your stuff much earlier than the actual moving day. 

Before packing, go through all your items and sort them out into two groups, the items you want to carry along with you at your new home and the items you want to leave behind. This will reduce the burden of packing because now you will have less stuff to pack. 

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Renting the correct size of moving truck:

When moving to another place on your own, you will need to rent the moving truck for the transportation of the home belongings. The size of the truck varies according to the volume of your belongings you want to ship as there are different sizes of moving truck are available so you need to choose the correct size of a moving truck to fit in the belongings of different sizes.

  1. 10-12 feet truck: This truck is ideal for moving the possessions of a small apartment or a studio.
  2. 14-17 feet truck: These are medium-sized trucks that are used to carry the stuff of an apartment having 2 bedrooms.
  3. 20-26 feet truck: These are large-sized trucks that are used to carry the stuff overseas, of an apartment having 4 or more than 4 bedrooms.

Apart from this, sometimes the stuff varies from home to home therefore, to rent the right size of the truck, you should take the help of the professionals so you can save yourself from paying the extra cost for renting a higher size of the truck. 

Forgetting about using blankets: Most people overlook blankets as a packing material to cover the furniture. But blankets are most important to keep the furniture safe when in transit. If you want to avoid any scratches or dents to your furniture, when transporting it via truck to a new location, then wrap the furniture items with blankets. You need to figure out the number and size of your furniture items to evaluate the number of blankets needed to cover all your furniture. This also helps you to save the cost of extra packing material that you would use to cover the furniture items to keep these safe from dents and scratches during shipment. 

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Labeling the boxes properly: This is the most common thing that is overlooked by most people when planning for a DIY move. You need to label the packed boxes appropriately, by the type of items contained in a particular box. If the boxes are not labeled properly, then it becomes much difficult to unpack and organize the stuff into a new house, as you will get confused when you need a certain item and you forget that what was inside that box. Also, to make it easier to identify the items in the box from any angle, you can label the box on top as well as on both sides. It will make the loading easier as you will get to know whether a box contains fragile items or not. 

Do not utilize too used moving boxes: It is better to utilize the used boxes as it helps to save you few bucks as well as it is environment friendly. But sometimes your used boxes are not in good condition that they are not able to protect your stuff when transporting it to another place. The cardboard boxes become much flimsy and also, their structure lack the support for the items that are packed in it. You can get second-hand moving boxes from various stores. Therefore, do not depend upon the worn-out boxes present in your home.

Conclusion: DIY moves are the most difficult moves and in this, it is your complete responsibility to pay attention to every single detail. When you follow the best move organization tips, you will not regret your decision later. Just check out all the above-written mistakes and try your best to avid them.

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