Snow Storm Essential Tips: Before and During

With the rapidly changing climate, some areas have reported experiencing snowstorms and other extreme weather phenomena for the first time in recent years. If you’re about to face your first snowstorm, don’t panic. Read on to know what you need to do before and during a snowstorm.


1. Stock up on emergency supplies

There’s a chance a snowstorm could last for days, so stock up on at least 5 days’ worth of food and water. Gather enough water to cover other needs like flushing the toilet in case the water gets cut off. Canned goods, protein bars, cereal, crackers, and other such items are ideal since they won’t go bad even if the power goes out. Buy candles or batteries for flashlights and radio. If your kitchen only has an electric stove, buy a portable camp stove and gas canisters to cook if ever the power goes out.

2. Charge communication and heating devices

While the power is still on, keep your phone and power banks fully charged. Communication is essential when you need rescue, so ensure all your devices are operational. If you have electric blankets and hand warmers, charge these as well.

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3. Winter-proof your home

Clear clutter from your lawn to prevent it from acting as a tripping hazard when you’re forced to evacuate in heavy snow. Trim trees to prevent branches from breaking off in strong winds and damaging your or other people’s homes. Hire the services of a boiler Lancashire company to ensure your boiler is in good condition so you can stay warm throughout the storm. Improve insulation by replacing old weatherstripping or installing double-pane storm-proof windows. Insulate pipes to keep them from bursting. Secure or replace loose exterior parts like roof shingles, stairway handrails, or tiles. These could cause injury or property damage if blown off by the wind.


1. Stay indoors

Avoid leaving the house if you can. The strong winds and decreased visibility in a snowstorm mean driving or walking is dangerous. If you need emergency services, call 999 instead.

2. Stay updated on the situation

Use the internet, TV, or radio to monitor the situation and stay updated on any new developments. Sometimes, the situation may worsen, and other areas may be advised to evacuate. Knowing your area’s status helps you plan better and ration out your supplies in case the snowstorm lasts longer than you think.

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3. If the power goes out, gather in one room

Gathering in one room is good for staying warm when the heating system fails. Pick a room with no windows to keep safe from potential injuries caused by the wind launching something against the glass. Staying in one room also conserves resources. You’ll only need one candle or flashlight instead of having one for each room where each person is staying.

A snowstorm can be a harrowing experience, but adequate preparation and keeping things like emergency numbers and safety measures in mind can help get you through this experience unscathed. Use your common sense and keep calm. 

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