Learn From Best : Sneak Peek Into The Homes Of Famous Interior Designers


Kelly Wearstler, Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, Luke Edward Hall, Leanne Ford Interior Designer

Looking inside the homes of those who live & breathe interior design is like going to a famous chef’s home for dinner. There is no doubt that the interiors of these talented professionals are the places where all the inspiration and know-how come together to shine in their fullest expression. Home interiors are a reflection of homeowner’s personality. In the case of interior designers, they’re the reflection of years of hard work, talent, experience, thinking outside the box. If you want to learn about interior design & coat your home with fabulous style, there are no better teachers than these true professionals.

Evelina Kravaev Söderberg

Living Room Table With Vintage Home AccessoriesLiving Room Table With Vintage Home Accessories

Smart interior design for living roomSmart Interior Design For Living Room

Söderberg is the head of design of H&M Home famous for simple and sophisticated designs with a touch of trendy, typical for Scandinavian décor. She lives in a 1920’s apartment in central Stockholm, which is everything you’d imagine it to be. The prevailing color is white, with occasional black and gray accents. The apartment is bright with a lot of windows, mid-century modern and vintage wooden furniture, pendant and wall lights – essential of the Nordic design. If you would search for gadgets & big electronic sets in her apartment, you would leave disappointed. Technology isn’t welcomed here (except the necessary appliances). The overall décor is the proof of how proficient Söderberg is in blending the old & new into a meaningful whole.

hm head of interior designer evelina house tourH&M Head Of Interior Designer Evelina Kravaev Söderberg House Tour By Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson

Evelina’s tip for you: “One of the most important things when it comes to decorating is time – to let it take time instead of placing furniture and things everywhere from day one. Live in the apartment and decorate as you go!”

Leanne Ford

Vintage Style Dining Room IdeasVintage Style Dining Room Table

Based Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, this creative director, and interior designer is a freelancer who everyone wants to hire. The one constant to her work is making space feel comfortable. Other than that, she lets the house do the talking and designs it in accordance with the vibe she’s receiving from the space. Her historic home just outside of Pittsburgh is cozy, warm and minimalist with inconspicuous layers and textures. There is a strong rustic vibe coming out of the wooden ceilings and cowhides on the floor, but also a bit of silliness reflected in wall posters and accessories.

Vintage Style Interior Design IdeasVintage Style Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Vintage Decorating IdeasBedroom Vintage Decoration

Leanne’s tip for you: “It all needs a little bit of quirk to it. No matter how done up your home is, it could always stand a touch of humor and personality.”

black vintage sofa living roomInterior Designer Leanne Ford’s Renovated Schoolhouse Via Megan Gustashaw

Kelly Wearstler

Vintage Tobia Scarpa Sofa in a Living RoomVintage Tobia Scarpa Sofa in a Living Room

One of the world’s leading interior designers, Wearstler is famous for her sophisticated soulful vibe, spontaneity and seamless blending of diverse periods under a single roof. Her family’s Malibu retreat is a stunning beachfront house with sun, sand and deep blue sea as an inspiration. Her living room is a dream where the main stars are the ‘70s geometric cabinet, retro lamps, and sandy beige sofa. The low-slung sofas, such as this one, can provoke visual interest in every room. Wearstler didn’t want anything to distract her from the beach and sunlight, so it is no wonder that the atrium features a skylight enabling the access of sun and air. The family room is a movie-like scene with chaises covered with fish-scale patterns. The house features a lot of marble, neutral colors, and seaside accessories.

Kelly WearstlerKelly Wearstler

Ocean View Dining Room Rain Forest Marble IslandOcean View Dining Room Rain Forest Marble Island

Kelly’s tip for you: “Draw from a spectrum of eras and movements in design. Mixing old and new, vintage and contemporary, and a range of influences will create a vibe that is well-traveled.”

The sunken dining room stone table and modern chairsDining Room Stone Table & Modern Chairs At Kelly Wearstler Malibu House Via In Style

Luke Edward Hall

velvet sofa decorated with cushions opposite study nookVelvet Sofa Decorated With Cushions Opposite Study Nook

open plan living and dining room ideasOpen Plan Sitting & Dining Room

Vogue named him the “wunderkind of interior design”, and that is not far from the truth. Hall is only 26 and he already has a rich portfolio. His style can be described as eclectic and it includes using antiques, colors and youthful freshness. Hall’s home is a true image of his style – mustard velvet sofa, colorful designer cushions, deep green on the walls, the odd element of framed butterflies, antique furniture pieces mixed up with quirky details, mid-century materials and colorful wallpaper in the bathroom.

Bedroom, Bathroom and Small Bar TableBedroom, Bathroom & Small Bar Table

half paint half wallpaper bathroom designHalf Paint Half Wallpaper Bathroom Wall Design

Luke’s tip for you: Take your cue from Hall and be braver with pattern and brighter colors. More is sometimes more.

Luke Edward Hall Interior DesignerLuke Edward Hall Interior Designer Via Aimee Farrell / Photo: Rebecca Reid

Knowing the most important design rules and learning from the best will get you a long way in designing your home. Still, if there is anything you can steal from these talented professionals, that is to get personal with the design, be brave and take chance.

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