What Did Interior Designers Learn From Their Mothers?


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Despite the fact that many successful interior designers have a degree from a designing school and that they’ve had opportunities to work with each other, many of them have been influenced by their mothers. Whether the mothers passed their sense of style onto their children, or they simple gave them small, but powerful pieces of advice, many famous names of the interior design world are grateful to their mothers for the important impacts they’ve made in their lives.

Swedish Design Home With Natural LightSwedish Design Home With Natural Light Image By Interior Design Journal

Being Chic by Being Unique

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Sally Hart, a storage specialist, has learnt from her mother to see decorating as another opportunity for self-expression.  Her mother cared little for what was trending back in the day, so she was daring enough to have her bathroom walls and ceiling painted in a high-gloss deep crimson hue.  She advised Sally to follow her own instinct, to be unique, and not to care about what other people thought of her choices. Instead of blindly keeping up with the trends, Sally’s mother valued the things for what they actually were and the beauty they possessed; she truly enjoyed the interior decor and wasn’t afraid to be different.

The Principles of Comfort, Cosines & Hospitality

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The simple, but effective details that Emma Sims’ mother employs help their guests feel comfortable and welcome into their home. Although they moved three times, each of the houses where they lived truly felt like home owing to Emma’s mother. She has the skills to set an atmosphere of cosines and hospitality that always seems inviting and warm. Unlike Emma, her mother often uses colorful schemes and isn’t afraid to experiment with large patterns and prints that achieve a dramatic effect.

Embracing Change and Having Fun

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Island Magic house

Menorca house

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Growing up in a house where the household members weren’t afraid of change, Brendan Guy was lucky to have a mother who didn’t allow monotony. Moving the furniture around the house and changing artwork, she was always able to create a sense of novelty. None of the rooms in their house were destined to serve only one purpose – the bedroom would be transformed into a library, a dining room would become a sitting room, which left Brendan with an important lesson in interior design. Owing to his mother, he’s learnt to be fluid and flexible when it comes to his designs and to always make room in his home for the items that he loves.

Order & Precision For a Balanced Home

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Although Andrew Inchley and his mother have completely different tastes when it comes to interior design, she’s still made an enormous impact on the principles he follows when designing a home. He remembers his home as a perfectly balanced area where there was no excess – every item had its place and purpose. Order and precision is what both Andrew and his mother value, and exactly what made their home carefully designed and not randomly built. Early in his life, Andre realised how important interior design is and he recognized its power.

The Beauty of the Old

Midcentury Modern and Eclectic Style Dining RoomMidcentury Modern & Eclectic Style Dining Room

Modern Living Room With Colorful Sofa

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Kate Hansen’s love for the vintage and old comes from her mother, who values the story behind all that was already loved. Her mother embraces the antiques and the second-hand items because she recognize their beauty. Proudly presenting their family heirlooms, Kate’s mother will gladly tell stories that make them so special. What someone would see as rubbish, they see as vintage treasure waiting to be discovered.

The Importance of Long-Lasting Quality

Apartment Living Room Designs For Small SpacesApartment Designs For Small Spaces By Apartment Therapy

Beautiful Brooklyn Style Interior Design Beautiful Brooklyn Style Interior Design Apartment of Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, Founders of Aphrochic

What Nancy Mitchell learnt from her mother’s possessions that date even before she was born is that investing in high-quality items really pays off in the long-run. Although they don’t fret exploring the hidden treasures of garage sales and flea markets, Nancy and her mother also don’t hesitate to spend a little more on carefully selected pieces, such as top rated mattresses that ensure comfort. It’s better to spend money on something that will last for years and that you can leave to your children as heirlooms.

We’ve all adopted a trick or two from our mothers that we gladly use in our everyday lives. After all, who knows better than the mothers?

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