Smooth Service for Me and My Team

I moved to Singapore earlier this year. I used to work as a freelance copywriter. I have worked with all sorts of companies writing for them, I have been travelling all over the world. This job has been my primary income, I’m super happy I’ve been so lucky to pretty much land into this line of work without even trying to do so. The job has allowed for a lot of freedom, like I said I have been travelling the world. Not living in fancy hotels and eating nice fancy food, I’ve been living out of my old backpack and volunteering in hostels. It’s been a great time, but it’s time for me to move on

So I decided it’s time for a new challenge and I started my own company. I have 7 writers and 3 proofreaders working with me now and we are hopefully on the way to starting something profitable. We all have a similar story, and we all want pretty much the same thing which is financial independence. Interestingly all the team are a mix of people that i met when i was travelling, We were all freelancers back then doing the same thing

That’s why I’ve decided to settle here in Singapore. To maximise my productivity I wanted to look for a serviced office for rent Singapore for me and the team. Skipping past all the dodgy annoying websites was kind of annoying but I eventually found osDORO. They offer regular serviced offices, corporate serviced offices, co-working spaces and lots more. Getting a serviced office rental in Singapore was made easy by osDORO

serviced office for rent

Getting a quote for something can be frustrating. Many times I’ve wanted to get an approximate price straight away. But that isn’t possible most of the time, but on the site i found you can get approximate quotes very easily without any hassle. It was so great to just browse through all the spaces, They have great photos from every angle you could ask for

So when we had decided on a suitable office we checked it out. We wanted a kitchen so we didn’t have to be eating out all the time, and paying for expensive coffees to keep us going through the long working days. Another requirement was disabled access, and ideally disables toilets as one of our team is slightly physically limited. I was in charge of making the final decision and choosing our space

It wasn’t hard at all. I was honestly expecting a long process of emails and maybe phone calls. All i did was contact the whatsapp agent directly and he explained the process very clearly and had all the answers to my questions

So the whole experience was very good i must say, If i could use one word to describe the whole experience it would be ‘smooth’

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