Sleep Better and Cooler All Night with Elegear’s Cooling Mattress Cover

If you’re a hot sleeper, you don’t have to dread the summer nights anymore! Elegear brings you the best cooling sheet that will help you stay cool and sleep better in hot weather. Sweaty nights are common for most people who live in hot climates. With temperatures rising all over the world, it is really necessary to have alternative solutions that can help you bear the heat and stay healthy. Made with the cooling fabric technology, Elegear’s cooling sheet is your answer to sweaty nights. Having a relaxed and easy night’s sleep is also important for overall health. But for hot sleepers, summer nights mean tossing and turning on sticky, sweaty sheets with no other relief. When you’re sleeping, it’s hard to do anything to reduce your body temperature other than keeping the air conditioning on. However, with cooling sheets you can reduce your body temperature easily. Here are a few reasons why Elegear sheets are the best of the lot.


Made with New Cooling Fabric Technology

Truly, technology can make even the impossible possible! A bedsheet that keeps you cool instead of getting hot? Yeah sure, we can now have it! Made with Japanese Arc-Chill Cooling technology, Elegear’s cooling sheets can reduce the body temperature by 2-5°c instantly. Compared to other fabrics which have Q-max of 0.2, Arc-chill fabrics have a Q-max of over 0.5 making them much cooler. Elegear’s cooling sheets reduce your body temperature and help you stay cool and comfortable all night even in summers. And what’s more, these sheets are not that heavy on the wallet either as they come with great discounts! Just use the code 10% OFF  Q56UK8RT   before 2027-05-12 to avail a flat 10% discount. 

Breathable, Hypo-allergenic, and Skin Friendly Fabric

Elegear’s cooling sheets are made through an upgaded ultrasonic quilting process which gives it a soft and smooth feel. It’s made with 3D fiber filling technology that ensures the fabric is extremely breathable, light, and airy. This breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and fresh with no sweat making your nights more relaxed and enjoyable. Plus, the materials used in this fabric are all very skin friendly and hypoallergenic. So, it’s safe enough for anybody to use. Even allergic people can use these sheets without worrying about any side effects. 


Stretchable, Non-Slip, and Waterproof Material

While the top of this sheet is made with Cooling fiber, the bottom side is made with a high strength composite TPU fabric that gives your mattress 100% waterproof protection. It can effectively block moisture and prevent your mattress from getting wet or dirty. It can also keep your mattress safe from dust, spills, sweat and other issues. Since it is machine washable, cleaning it is also easy. Plus it’s elastic stretchable design helps you fit it on the mattress easily and perfectly.

Elegear’s revolutionary waterproof cooling mattress can help you battle heat and improve your sleep without any air conditioners or harmful chemicals. Easy to use and even easier to clean, these cooling sheets are the perfect solution to hot and sweaty summer nights! 

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