Six Home Buying Tips For Florida

Whether you are purchasing your first home or buying an investment property, buying a house can be a grueling task. Each state has different rules, regulations, and other market conditions to consider when purchasing a home. If you are going to be purchasing a home in Florida, we have compiled the top six home buying tips for The Sunshine State.

1.Select a Florida Real Estate Agent

1.Select a Florida Real Estate Agent

No matter where you arebuying or selling a home, it is recommended to hire a real estate agent. As there are many things to consider (hurricanes for example) when purchasing a home in Florida, it is even more important to select a real estate agent based in Florida. This will make the buying or selling process a little less daunting. Make sure to do your research and check their credentials so that you hire a reputable real estate agent. The last thing you want is someone taking advantage of you during a situation that is already overwhelming.

2. Research Florida’s Current Real Estate Conditions

We all know about the great mortgage crash of 2007-10, so now it is important to research the constant fluctuating market conditions on a consistent basis while going through the buying and selling process. Purchasing property at the right time is key to making sure you will not have to deal with any hardships later.

3. Is a Deed Protected Communityfor You?

Florida has many deed restricted communities that are run by homeowner’s associations. The homeowner pays a regular feeand the association keeps up the maintenance of the property. Before you decide to purchase a home in a deed restricted community, make sure to study the fine print. You may find the rules and regulations are too stringent for you. For example, they enforce rules regarding if you can rent out your home or what kind of pets you can have.

4. Home Inspections Are a Mandatory Step

Home Inspections
Once you have settled on the home of your choice, you will have to have a thorough home inspection before you close on the house. This mandatory step will helpprotect you from purchasing a home with any type of defects and protects you legally if there happens to be defective. Home inspections consist of checking for mold, thestructural foundation, termites and other pest infestations, and heating/cooling systems, drains, electrical and plumbing.

5. Homeowner’s Insurance in Florida

Homeowner’s Insurance in Florida
Every state has their environmental concerns. The mid-west has tornadoes, California has earthquakes, while hurricanes and flooding are common in Florida. Like when you are researching the market conditions, it is best to research homeowner’s insurance as well. You want toinvest in the right homeowner’s insurance to make sure you are fully covered. When factoring in what you can realistically afford every month for your mortgage, remember to estimate the additional expense of insurance into your budget.

6. Closing Costs and Other Expenses

Closing Costs and Other Expenses
Florida is considered a state with high closing costs. Don’t let this deter you from purchasing real estate in Florida. However, just keep this in mind when you are considering how much money you are putting downin addition to other expenses.

If you are looking to sell your home in a Florida, Home Buyers USA is the number one choice inmeeting your real estate needs. Home Buyers USA makes buying and selling your home easy and simpleto understand steps which can take the stress off of you.

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