Simple Tips to Effectively Clean a Handgun

Handgun owners have a few responsibilities when it comes to their firearm, and one of them is keeping it clean to ensure it always works properly, and to make sure that fired off bullets travel to where they are intended to go. Any type of debris in the barrel can affect the flight path of a bullet, and that can potentially result in some devastating consequences to deal with. Cleaning a handgun doesn’t have to be a lengthy chore to undertake, and the time it takes is certainly worth it.

Some basic cleaning tips are outlined below to help you efficiently and effectively clean your handgun whenever needed.

Get Your Cleaning Materials Together

Get Your Cleaning Materials Together

You may want to buy a cleaning kit that’s specific to your handgun’s type as they are typically priced well, and you will have everything needed all within a durable container to store at home and transport around as needed.

Be Safe

Before doing any kind of cleaning, be sure to do a firearm safety check and of course, make sure your handgun isn’t loaded with any bullets. It sounds simple and it’s common sense really, but safety is always first and foremost with any kind of firearm.

Wipe Off and Disassemble

Start the cleaning process by taking a dry cloth and wipe off the gun entirely to get any dirt off, avoid using liquids early on as it can turn the dirt into mud. Then disassemble your handgun – refer to your owner’s manual as a reference for the first handful of cleanings, until you get the hang of things.

Clean-Up All the Parts

Clean-Up All the Parts
Wherever there is carbon buildup on the handgun parts, wrap a CLP multi-surface wipe around a nylon bristle gun brush and scrub as needed. When every part is cleaned to your satisfaction, take a clean cloth and wipe every part down to take care of the cleaning’s fine details and to ensure all traces of carbon are removed. You may also want to soak the barrel in an appropriate substance for a while, so cleaning it can be more easily done.

Lube It Up

Apply drops of lube wherever you observe wear and tear, that’s where the most friction exists. Don’t overdo it on the lube though as lube tends to attract dirt.

Reassemble the Handgun

Putting back together a handgun is the opposite of taking it apart, obviously. When you believe your handgun is assembled correctly, then be sure to run a function test to ensure everything is working as it should. Once everything is good to go, use a silicone cloth to wipe down the outside so all fingerprints are removed, to give it a nice shine, and to prevent your handgun from getting rusty.

Feel Proud of Your Work

Feel Proud of Your Work
Cleaning your handgun doesn’t need to be done too frequently, but should be from time to time to keep it looking like new, and so it functions properly. Many handgun owners neglect cleaning their firearms for various reasons, but once you understand how to do it well, there’s a sense of pride you get. Much like after cleaning your vehicle and feeling happy about it, the same holds true for your handgun as well.

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