Simple Tips for Saving Water

Everyone has heard the theory that if there is ever to be a third World War, it will be fought over access to water. Clean water is becoming increasingly scarce and with climate change starting to have a noticeable effect on things like rainfall, water is becoming increasingly precious. And increasingly expensive at the same time. So, what can you do to be smarter and more efficient in your water usage habits? Here are a few tips and changes you can make that will go a long way towards helping.

Out with lawn

Gardens need to be watered, it is a simple fact of life. A garden that is not watered will very quickly become barren and dry and properly unattractive. But a garden is one thing; the longer you have had it and the more established it is, the harder it becomes. In short, once roots hit the water-table the plants no longer need watering. But that never happens for grass, which for many people is an element that makes up a significant part of the surface area of the yard. It must constantly be watered. Unless of course it is replaced with synthetic grass Melbourne has some good suppliers who will gladly sort you out. Once laid and in place it is easy to maintain. It never dies. It doesn’t need mowing. It looks good. And it requires no watering. It’s a great solution.
Out with lawn

Harvest for the world

Do a little study of what happens when it rains. Where does the water that falls on your roof go? In most cases, this valuable resource, which you pay to have piped to your house, simply runs down gutters and into the stormwater or sewage systems. It’s a complete waste. Rather collect it and use it. It can be kept in tanks for watering the garden or even connected to your plumbing and used to flush toilets or full baths. Don’t let it disappear into the ocean.


Just because you have had a shower doesn’t mean that the water is no good. Sure, you don’t want to drink shower water, but you can collect it and reuse it. It is called grey water and it is perfect for use on gardens or for flushing toilets. It shouldn’t be stored for too long, but it should be used. Just like we now frown on single-use plastics, so too should we start to deem single-use water unacceptable.


Many people like to rake. They want a garden that is devoid of leaves. But while a garden with no fallen leaves might look aesthetically pleasing to them, it is a recipe for disaster. Mulch, which is bark and leaves, is a critical part of the mix in a healthy garden. It is there to protect the soil, to keep it damp and moist and healthy. Removal of this water means more water needs to be put onto the plants to keep them alive. It is not an efficient use of resources at all.

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