Move or Extend – Benefits of Getting Your Loft Converted

The chances are that on the road you live on there’s more than one house with a converted loft – and there’s plenty of reason for it too. Loft conversions are becoming ever more popular and you will have probably noticed a home on your street changing shape entirely, adding an additional floor or a couple of new windows here and there. It’s a huge decision to get your loft converted or have an additional floor added to include a loft, but it’s good to know the benefits before you start the process.

Statistics from Nationwide have revealed that adding a loft conversion to your property could increase the value of your home by up to 20 per cent, so when you consider how much the average loft conversion will cost, that’s quite a reward for your investment.

Save money on moving home

Save money on moving home

Rather than moving homes altogether to enable more space for your property, getting your loft converted can create that space automatically. Once you’ve created the space you can do whatever you want with it. It could be a nursery, office, games room, bedroom or spare room. If you just need one extra room it makes sense to revamp the loft rather than consider moving homes altogether. If you’re starting a family, that extra room may be all you need. Moving house is a huge financial investment especially if that home then needs work doing to it, so you may be better off staying put and developing the space you have.

And avoid the stress of moving house too

Moving house can cause a tremendous amount of stress when you consider the planning, the box packing, loading and transporting your entire belongings etc. If the only thing you want is more space, could you save yourself the hassle and opt for a loft conversion instead.

Create a new view from your home

Create a new view from your home
If you live in the city, space is a premium and sometimes the only views you can see from your upstairs windows are other buildings, roads and offices but if you create another floor with a bit more height you could create a feature view for your property. It might be an added bonus to your loft conversion to enjoy a view over the rooftops and give you a whole new perspective of your local area.

Save energy

A specialist loft company will make sure your home is fitted with good insulation to stop cold air seeping in and warm air seeping out during the year. Due to their large roof windows, lofts bring in a lot of natural light during the day time so you don’t need to be wasting extra cash on electricity bills.

As you can see, loft conversions boast many benefits for yourself and your house both from a practical and financial point of view. You may want to add more space for that home office or extra bedroom and finding a decent loft conversion company could really help you on your way to making your house the dream home you have always wanted it to be.

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