Simple Guide to Common Garage Door Problems and Solutions

In the last few years, the humble garage door has come a long way. What was once an extremely heavy manual door has now turned into a state of the art component of the modern homes. The garage door of Capital Garage Door can be made of wood, aluminium, steel, fiberglass or simple glass. They can be connected with your smart devices so that you can open or close them with just a few taps on your phone.

You can face some petty garage door issues quite often. While you cannot shoot all the troubles that your garage door might land you in, there are some problems that you can solve pretty easily.

The following guide will help you identify the common problems that you can solve on your own. Always remember, the sooner you can identify the issue of the garage door, the easier it would be for you to fix the issue.

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Garage Door Would Not Open or Close

If you have an automatic garage door, then you might face this problem. When it happens, you should check the keypad first. In most cases, the programming of the keypads faces some kind of problem, which hinders it from working. Technicians of Capital Garage Door Orleans also advised checking the wirings inside the keypad of the garage door.

If you think this is the case, then you better get in touch with an experienced handyman or the manufacturer. While this might sound serious, sometimes this problem can easily be solved just by changing the battery of the remote control.

Garage Door Gets Stuck

In this case, check the lubrication of the metal rollers of your garage door. If there is no problem with the lubrication of the rollers, you should look out for any dirt clogged onto the track of the garage door.

Even a small encrustation of dirt can limit the movement of the garage door and render it stuck. To make sure that is not the case, take a rag and wipe down the tracks properly.

Garage Door Slams

Is your garage door slamming on the floor at the time of closing? The chances are there is something wrong with the extension spring of your garage door. Take a look at the extension springs and check if they are pulled tight or not. If the springs look worn out, you should get in touch with Capital Garage Door Orleans for a replacement.

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Steps You Should Take To avoid Garage door Problems

Regular Cleaning

The best way to avoid this problem is to maintain the garage door properly. Clean the garage door frequently with microfiber cloths. It will help you to avoid leaving any strands of fiber on the garage door tracks. You should create a habit of cleaning the garage door frequently as it is the main cause of garage door jumping or jamming.

Regular Lubrication

Lubricating the garage door frequently is yet another way to avoid the major problems. You can lubricate the rollers and the tracks using light machine oil or graphite. While lubricating the garage door, try to open and close the door several times. It will help you to distribute the lubricants evenly. Keeping an eye on the hinges is yet another way to avoid garage door problems. You should check the hinges for any sign of rust and should wipe them down regularly. You should also lubricate the hinges while lubricating the track to keep it functional.

Security of The Garage Door

You should consider the security of your garage door as well. Always make sure that the garage door control button stays out of the reach of the children. Also, never leave the remote inside your car as the thieves can get hold of it and enter your home easily.

Test the reversing mechanism of the garage door every month to check whether it is still in good condition. If you are ever doubtful about the condition of the garage door, contact Capital Garage Door Orleans.

Remote Problems

This is one of the most common garage door problems that people face. Instead of getting scared about the damage, first, check whether the battery of the remote control is properly inserted. If they are, replace the battery and check whether the remote is working. If that does not fix the issue, check the manual of the garage door to find the instructions about reprogramming the remote.

All in all, before panicking and calling the technicians of Capital Garage Door Orleans for help, you should try to fix the issue yourself first. Most of the time, resolving the smaller issues solves the problems you are facing. However, if you have tried all the avenue and yet the problems persist, ask the help of the technicians.

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