Computer Design Tools You Can Use to Design Your Dream Home

These computer design tools help you construct and design models closest to your dream home. Every software has its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, but compiled below are some of the most popular and highly-rated home design tools at present.

1. Home Designer Suite 2020 by Chief Architect

While this is an expensive home designer tool at $129, the app has impressed its users with a good number of features. According to Fancy Appliance, it’s better that you use a Mac or a laptop with a good graphics card to avoid interrupted movements.

Although the tool is quite intimidating to use, the contents in its objects library are overwhelming. It is also expandable giving users more options to easily achieve their desired look. Another plus of the app is the camera controls which are easy to navigate. CAD-style designing tools are also available.

Dream Home1

2. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape

This is another impressive design tool for both the home and landscape. Developed by TurboCAD, TurboFloorPlan is easy to learn and use compared to most rivals. It boasts thousands of objects in its library and a Build Green tool which holds a huge inventory of shrubs, trees, and other plants.

TurboFloorPlan comes in two versions, Deluxe 2019 and Pro 2019. The Deluxe 2019 version is cheaper at $49.99, whereas the Pro 2019 is available at $99.99. Both versions offer good designing and drawing tools, but the Pro version has a bigger Build Green inventory.

3. SweetHome 3D 6.2

SweetHome 3D 6.2 has a free version and that sets it apart from most home design tools. You may not be able to use the free version to design very complex structures, but for its price, you would still be thankful for the objects’ library of 100 items. Alternatively, SweetHome 3D offers tips and tricks on how to build and modify structures.

Still, if you want to upgrade to a bigger objects library with 1,400 items, then you can purchase the paid-for version, $13. Regardless of which version, both allow you to import photos so you can make gorgeous home exterior designs.

4. DreamPlan Home Designer

DreamPlan Home Designer is another easy-to-use tool for designing a house, deck, or other home addition. While its object inventory is smaller compared to other design tools, adjusting item dimensions is fast and easy.

Another good feature of this $35 app is the simplicity of switching a 2D floor layout to a 3D model. In fact, you can immediately work on a design in 3D, which is impossible to do in some apps.

The downside of this DreamPlan based on most user reviews is that it is difficult to navigate.

Dream Home2

5. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

Virtual Architect Home Design is an excellent all-rounder with lots of helpful features. While it is a bit pricey compared to other home design tools at $99, the price is definitely worth it. The software boasts a large inventory of objects which makes it easy to put into layout what you have in mind.

On the first look, users may confuse the tool as complicated to use because of its messy interface. Do not rely on first impressions though. It has loads of useful wizards and a tutor panel that makes it ideal even for first-time users.


It is easier to design your dream home when you use computer design tools such as the ones listed above. Designer tools come with different useful features and varied objects library sizes, but use one which you find easy to use.

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