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Many people are choosing to work from home, to improve their quality of life, travel less and work in a quiet atmosphere away from big cities. This can also be seen as an opportunity to eat better, make more time for exercise or other activities, stay out of a stressful environment, manage time independently, etc.

But undoubtedly, the most difficult thing when working from home is considered, is to achieve complete separation from daily home activities in order to achieve concentration. With these thoughts in mind, many people with home-based jobs decided to jump on the shed-office bandwagon.

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Work In Nature

Office shed greeneryImage Source By Inhabitat

Depending on the part of the world you live in, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to garden offices. If the climate is good, why have an office that would look misplaced in all the greenery in your backyard? Turn the office itself into the part of the garden and enjoy every working day spent in a beautiful nature so close to your home.

Small garden shedImage Source By Bellewood Gardens

Do not stress if you don’t live in an area where the weather is nice all the time. Use the climate to your own advantage and decorate the yard around your office with vertical gardens, flower beds and some evergreen vines.

Perfect Working Conditions

Perfect working shedImage Source By Archicentral

Small contemporary officeImage Source By Dezeen

Modern office shedImage Source By Archfly

Your mini office can have a clean and contemporary design, with a lot of natural light coming through the vertical windows and door. Depending on what you prefer, walls can be made of wood or concrete. As you can see from the pictures, there’s a comfortable space for a work desk and bookcases inside, just keep in mind your work needs when you design the interior of your garden office. Rooftops are usually left flat which can give you a landscaping possibility.

Welcome Your Clients In An Unforgettable Way

Reception garden officeImage Source By Inhabitat

Business office shedImage Source By Inspiration Feed

If you deal with people in your line of work, set up some reception chairs in front of your office shed, so that your clientele can enjoy this professional paradise that you created. If you’re not sure what style of office furniture best suits your image and goes well with your office in general, you can always consult with Rockdale Office Furnishers for all the help you need.

Escape From Reality

Office shed for creative workImage Source By Zeit Clites

If you’re an artistic soul, or simply want an easy getaway from the boring everyday routine, get creative and design a bit more complex office that would make you feel like you’re somewhere far away from the civilization, in perfect peace and quiet. Just imagine what your mind could be capable of doing in such a relaxing and rewarding environment.

A Place To Work & Have Fun

Outdoor office for creative workImage Source By A Dose Of Simple

The weather is nice and you don’t want to spend all that precious time sitting in a closed-up space? Garden offices with open front will always provide you with fresh air and calming scent of the garden plants. Surroundings such as these increase your productivity without a doubt. Moreover, you can set up a deck chair next to your office, so whenever you feel like taking a break you can get a nice tan, too.

More Than An Office

Small office shedImage Source By Eva Designs

Your shed might be small and compact, but who says that you need more than that for both your work and leisure activities? If you don’t feel like coming back to your house after the working day is done, bring your favourite pastime necessities to your shed and once more feel like a kid in a made-up fortress.

Working from home is a convenience that many people ask for, but it’s even better if done in an isolated space which provides concentration and offers comfort in any season. These garden offices might not be very large, but with proper design and enough effort, you can create something worthy of getting up and going to work every day.

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