Shed Maintenance – How to Take Care of Your Garden Shed


Shed maintenance

As a garden owner, you probably know the value of a secure shed. However, you must maintain your summer house sheds regularly to keep them tidy and elegant the same way you would take care of the rest of your home. You can also learn how to store your bike safely in a garden shed.

With a little effort, it is quite easy to elongate the lifespan of your garden shed.

Replenish the wood

Though most summer house sheds are sold pre-treated with a base coat, the value of this layer will keep diminishing over time. You should treat the wood by adding a new layer to it each year to prevent it from decaying or deteriorating. You can create a water-resistant layer by using a timber treatment or wood stain. Please note that you must treat the wood at least once in a year, especially if you observe a sign of damage or wood rot.
Replenish the wood

Fix any cracks

Expectedly, a new shed should have its natural moisture. Sooner or later, the wood will dry out, and this will cause it to shrink. You will likely observe grooves or cracks forming in the wood. There is indeed a solution to the above problem: use a wood filler to restore the quality of the wood.

Use a wood filler that is labelled as flexible to ensure that it bends with the normal contraction and expansion of the shed. If you fill the holes, it will safeguard your building from cracking.

Seal your windows

Most of the summer house windows are sold unsealed. Peel off the protective film from the glazed windows. Seal the interior and the exterior of the windows with a silicone beading. The seal will protect the shed from water dripping through the windows.

Examine the roofs

The felt that protects the roof may get peeled off entirely at any time. If this happens, remove it and substitute it with a top-quality mineral felt. This is available at most DIY shops. Shattered felt is among the most common causes of roof leaks in summer house sheds. Fix the affected areas immediately to prevent further problems.
Prune the surrounding landscape.
Examine the roofs
Cut off any hanging branches around your summer house to prevent them from tearing the felt roof. Likewise, make sure no neighbouring bushes pose a threat to the windows. Trim any plants that you find near the shed and make the landscape tidy and less susceptible to damage.

Special treatment for metal sheds

Although you don’t need to spend overly on the maintenance of metal sheds, you need adequate repairs when necessary. If at any time, the paint starts to peel off, give it the required touch to restore it to a perfect look. If you leave the sheds unattended in such a position, it will begin to rust. You can remove the rust by sanding the affected area. Apply a rust inhibitor to your shed to protect it from damage.

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