33 Best Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas


scary haunted house decorations

Do you want to Upstate your Scary Halloween Decorations game this time? Don’t worry; we have the perfect picks for you!

Haunted House

You will need a bunch of spider web, ghosts, and skeletons. You need to make your house look scary on both outside and inside. You can get animatronics in your yard; this will be upstate the spooky factor for Halloween decorations. Let the skeletons and ghosts hang from trees and put some headstones in the yard. You can also have some dry ice and fog. You can level up everything if you add some music.

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scary halloween house decorations

Scary House Outdoor Halloween Decorations

scary haunted house decorations


For the perfect Scary Halloween Decorations, you need to add the graveyard. Put on some fake headstones and add some body parts are rising from the graves. You can get some animatronics and LED skeletons to level up. In case you are having a party, you can bring some of the graveyard deco inside. You have to turn up the living room in a funeral parlor with some fake coffins. You can also have cobwebs and skeletons hanging around. This will make your house some old mausoleum.

Halloween decoration ideas props ghosts graveyard

halloween graveyard with skeletons

halloween dead body corpse

Witch House

This is yet another great concept for Scary Halloween Decorations. The witches are associated with Halloween, and if you pull them right, you can turn your place into an attraction. Get creative and try to add some candies to your decor. This will refer to the Hansel and Gretel witch, and it will be really up to the spooky factor. You can also add scary sound in the house. Halloween sounds are spooky sound effects like evil laughs, creaking doors, and howling wolves. For the good sound, you need a good Speakers and the best places to find for some good speaker suggestions to use with a home theater or big stereo system than check out soundmoz.

Witch House Scary halloween decorations

Halloween Party Witch House

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are rage so there is no reason why you shouldn’t let them affect your house. In the front yard, you will have some graves with zombies coming out. You can also get some zombie body parts and spread them all over. Last but not least, you can spice up things with full bodies animatronics to make it look like these creatures are coming outside from your home. Don’t forget the zombie’s brains; they can be a great trick or treat.

Zombie Scary halloween decorations

zombie party house

very scary outdoor halloween decoration

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Scary Halloween Decorations

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