Harry Potter Halloween Decorations for Die Hard Fans

The Halloween Season is coming, and if you are a true Harry Potter Fan at heart, it’s time to show your love with our Harry Potter Halloween Decorations. These ideas will perfectly show your love to the series in a sophisticated way. Bellow we share some images to get ideas and 4 tips for Harry Potter Halloween Decorations.

Paper Signs

You can add the touch of Hogwarts in your home if you add a few Harry Potter Halloween Decorations themed paper signs to the equation. You need to use them on envelopes. For better, try to use Esque Fonts including Wizards Magic, Witches Magic, Magic School and others. It’s very easy to add fonts to your computer and do whatever you want with these. This will make your signs look and feel real. Try to use a bit yellowy paper instead of bright white.

Harry Potter Paper Signs Halloween Decorations


All jokes aside, you will need to make these as well. Don’t think of it as something out of your world. This is a good replacement for the old party banners. You can print them out of straight Cardstock if you want. Afterwards, you can cut them according to your preferred shapes. Don’t forget to light brush with black paint on its edges. Now fold a little flat on top to hang your ribbon and tape it down perfectly. You will find it very easy to make.

Harry Potter Banners Decorations

Letters for Name

These letters for Harry Potter Halloween Decorations will be cut individually and can be put on the wall. Try to put these on canvas and paint them with black. This will create the best effect ever.

halloween harry potter letters

Hats and Brooms

One thing you need to know if you can’t make everything yourself. This is particular with Hats and Brooms. If you want to add them into the equation, you will need to buy them. It’s better than making them home. So, save yourself the trouble.

Harry Potter Broom

halloween harry potter Hats

Birthday Party

The great thing about Harry Potter is that the books and movies are so great, fans young and old all love the series. I know I do! I think just about everyone knows at least one huge Harry Potter fan, who might appreciate a Harry Potter themed party for their birthday, a holiday, or another celebration. If nothing else, you can celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday every year.

Don’t miss these fabulous details featured decor pieces & props like Sorting Hat cake, Water bottles wrapped in scarves, Darling Harry Potter cookies, Gold Coasters, Dark Skull, Jar Bottle, Candle, Flower Pot & Oscillating Fans. Oscillating fans provide better cooling because they rotate, thereby allowing better air flow around the room during your party, If you’re specifically looking for best oscillating fans, Check out fan uses guide by Adviserify.
Harry Potter theme Halloween Party

Harry Potter Halloween Decorations

harry potter party decor spider

diy harry potter floating candles halloween

Harry Potter Halloween Decorations

easy Harry Potter Halloween party

Decorate Harry Potter Halloween Party

Harry Potter Halloween Decor

Harry Potter Party Favours

Harry Potter Decoration Party

Harry Potter Party Decorations

Harry Potter Party Halloween Decorations

harry potter party

Harry Potter bathroom Halloween Decorations

Harry Potter Halloween party

Ideas For Harry Potter Party

Bedroom Awesome Harry Potter Themed Accessories

harry potter door sticker

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