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Pest control is no easy task, and when you’re needing some quality work done, you want to hire a pest remover that knows how to handle numerous situations. Problems with gecko’s? What about house centipedes? How about those spiders, termites, and other creepy crawlies? Whatever you need to get rid of, you want to know that your pest controller is going to get rid of them safely and quickly for you. And don’t forget that even if you’re a business, you may need some help with this too. In this guide we’re going to tell you some considerations for hiring a pest controller.

Make Sure they have Licenses and Proper Insurance

Make Sure they have Licenses and Proper Insurance

You always want to make sure that any contractor you hire, even a pest control specialist or company is licensed and insured for your safety and theirs. You need to know that they are up to date on everything as well, since every year, certain pests and laws continuously change. You don’t want to be liable because someone got bit by a poisonous pest or hurt on the job. You can also often check to see if the company has a website and if it looks professional. If they have extra information, this is always a great benefit.

Make Sure Your Specialist Knows His or Her Stuff

Pest control is something that is hard to come by, and it’s a very special job. Not everyone wants to deal with vermin, just make sure you ask plenty of questions. Don’t expect your technician to know absolutely everything though, but they should have plenty of knowledge. And if someone says that they don’t know but they’ll definitely do some quick research to eliminate your pest problem, it is a lot better than someone who says they’ll do the job and has no idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

Ask for References

Ask for References
Don’t forget to ask for references. Every pest controller that is legit will have no problem giving you some contact info of past work they’ve done, or you can look and ask around. Of course, if their business is listed on Google or other search engines, you can always look this up and question people on their reviews as well. Don’t think that just because a company has a few negative reviews that they’re a bad company. You also don’t want to think that just because a company has five 5-star reviews that they’re good also. Keep in mind that you’re looking for value, but you’re also looking for quality work.


If you’re in the SA (Southern Australia) area, and you need a pest controller, you can count on Pest Control Adelaide specialists known as Pest Aid to get the job done right for you. They operate to remove all types of vermin, from rodents, all the way down to wasps, bees, snakes, ants, and even possums, which are actually an Australian protected species. They also offer pre-purchase inspections to make sure that you are not getting yourself into a money pit when you’re trying to buy a new home.

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