Rustic Midcentury Modern Barn Conversion House

Rustic decoration is the innovation of American country. In addition, these traditions are adapted from French, English, and some Swedish country looks. I have collected some of Modern Barn photos here to see what I meant.

The Modern Barn Rustic Country decor can be categorized as coarse, simple, unfinished, unique, long-related with vintage, unfussy, and yet with prominent qualities. If you are up to the use of natural materials, then Modern Barn Conversion House is just for you. The use of natural woods, aged surface, simple lines, and rough finishes are the common thing that you will see in this house. The Modern Barn is modest, simple, welcoming, modest, and reluctant home that can be created with brick, thick stone, or log wood.

This is such cozy British modern barn conversion. Carl Turner, the genius behind this, creating such beautiful home so that his friends and relatives can visit, acknowledge, and root the beauty of agrarian minimalism.

Beautiful Home


ochre barn living room architects

Floors in this Modern Barn is created with stone and some wood materials. The simply waxed and hand-polished materials. And there is light colors in the painting. Simplicity, cleanliness, and spacious are the first three words came into my mind when I looked at the Modern Barn Photos.

Rustic Architects

Rustic Bathroom

The bathroom has neutral tones, unique lighting and calming walls colors. This you will acknowledge the decoration which is calm and elegant, the perfect one for your leisure time.

Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Children Bedroom

rustic study room

Study Room

Work Room

You will be spoilt for the remarkable choice when it comes to pick the most appropriate furniture for your rustic home. As you can see at Modern Barn, it has such complete texture and the designer did not overdo it. With the few selection of items, consider mixing wooden furniture and concrete. This house is added by such a bit of style and warmth with decent fabrics and accessories.

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