Residential Makeover Security Design Features

Residential makeovers are very common today as people find themselves with more time at home, perhaps even working remotely and desirous of a home office that is enjoyable and conducive to productivity. However, being at home more often also necessitates increased security design features. Thankfully, there are many hi-tech security features that can be incorporated into a residential makeover including: 

  1.  security doors
  2.  security gates
  3.  security cameras

Importance of Security

New data indicates that home robberies take place most often between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and most of them last for about 10 minutes. This stands in direct contrast to the quintessential idea of a robber breaking in in the middle of the night. It also speaks to a higher need for security efforts that can function on their own without a homeowner present.  For example: When a homeowner leaves the house to run an errand, even if that hearing is just up the street, those 10 minutes or more during which an individual is gone represent the perfect window of opportunity for residential burglaries. Even people who are at home during the day might spend 10 minutes or more on a walk in the neighborhood or upstairs with the door closed in an office, unable to hear or see what is happening in the garage or the patio.

Hi-Tech Security Design Options

With a professional locksmith, you can keep your home and property safe with security systems and new design features that link to your smartphone. As a homeowner, being able to log into an app and see what is happening on your property by way of residential security cameras can help you make sure that no matter where you go or how long your errands last, your valuables and your home are safe.

Door Security With Design in Mind

You can still enjoy design elements while bearing security in mind.  Some of the best security screen doors let you capitalize on fresh air or the sounds of your children in the backyard, without compromising your safety. Too often homeowners will leave their screens shut with their front door open or their screens to the patio shut with the sliding glass door open in an effort to freshen up the house, take advantage of the warm sunshine, or be able to keep track of the dog in the yard. However, doing so means just about anyone can break in very quietly through those screen doors. If you have a well-oiled screen door attached to your front door, it might not make a sound when it’s opened and the locks are easy enough to break. But there are top-of-the-line residential security doors that have heavy duty, reliable locks.   

There are also residential doors that come with increased smart locks, the kind that necessitate a code, peel and stick alarm systems that release a high pitch noise if the screen is opened. These same types of locks can be applied to windows as well as sliding screen doors or front doors. With such hi-tech security features you can leave all of your screens shut and still enjoy a breeze while working in any room in your house knowing that you will be alerted if that door is opened.

The Modern Gatekeeper

Residential security gates are becoming a much more common residential makeover security design feature because they simply create a second barrier to entry. While alarm systems on things like doors can trigger a noise or send an alert to your cell phone, it still takes some time to react and given the fact that most burglaries are completed within 10 minutes, you might not be able to get home fast enough. Instead all you will have is the footage necessary to catch the burglars after the fact. 

With a residential security gate equipped with residential security cameras, you not only have the footage to track down people who break into your home or property but when you get the alarm sound or notification, it won’t be for an entry directly into your home but rather an entry onto your property which gives you significantly more time to stop and apprehend the culprit before they even get to your front door.  More importantly, all of these design elements can be incorporated together by a professional locksmith to ensure that you have a comprehensive residential security plan that is complete with alarms on the windows, the doors, high-tech security features for the front door and the screens, as well as gates and effective cameras everywhere.

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