Renovating Your Home? Simple Yet Sophisticated Interior Ideas You Can’t-Miss!


Renovating Your Home

Renovating or redecorating your entire space can make it feel fresh, on-trend and refined. The idea of casual sophistication implies both comfort and style. You can tackle each of these with decorating ideas such as going bold for small spaces and experimentation with patterns to make a home that feels purposeful but welcoming and approachable too.

Let’s elaborate on some ideas for simple yet sophisticated home renovation.

Choose Your Colour Palette For Each Room First

Before you decorate it’s good to have an idea of the colours you would like in each room. This can include paint for the walls, curtains and blinds, floor coverings and the furniture itself. Also, don’t be afraid to paint smaller rooms in bold colours, such as in a bedroom. This can really add a touch of intimacy to a smaller room and enhance the space.

Choose Your Colour Palette For Each Room First
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Consider Double Glazed Sliding Doors

For bedrooms with balconies and in living rooms, sliding glass doors are often the perfect choice. They let in a lot of light and air, as well as allowing you to enter and exit. One particular type of sliding door you might want to consider are double glazed sliding doors. These doors protect the interior of your home from harsh sunlight, reduce the amount of outside noise and also help to insulate your home so it’s toasty warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. They look fantastic as well.

Plain Or Patterns?

Whether you opt for a plain and simple look, or something more vibrant with patterns really depends on your style and the room itself. Even a room that’s plain and simple can be brought to life with something as easy as a patterned rug on the floor, or a cover for the lounge.

Wallpaper has also made a huge comeback, with thousands of styles to choose from. You can even purchase wallpapers that create a complete scene once it has been hung. If you prefer something other than huge visuals of tropical sunsets or mountain streams, then there are some fantastic wallpaper patterns to select from as well.
Plain Or Patterns

Simple and Elegant Go Together

If you’re after an elegant and sophisticated look and feel for a room, you’ll also want to keep the theme simple. In other words, don’t design a space that looks very busy and cluttered, as this detracts from that elegant look. Sheer curtains, neutral coloured furniture and walls with a splash of colour in the form of a rug and cushions can really make the space feel relaxing and comfortable, as well as having room to move.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Everything is about lighting at the end of the day, whether it be natural light or the lights you install in the room itself. To take advantage of natural lighting, you’ll want to choose window coverings that allow you to really control the amount of light you let in. Perhaps something stylish like Roman blinds would work well, or panel glide blinds.

Only having the option of bright, harsh ceiling lights isn’t going to cut it if you desire a relaxing atmosphere. Adding a dimmer switch is one way to solve the problem so you have options. Positioning subtle lamps around the space also works to give a room that homely and cozy feel. A third option is adding directional lighting that could highlight artwork or corners of the room.

Add a Touch of Nature

Bring some of the outdoors indoors by adding some plants and flowers in each room you redecorate. There’s just something very tranquil and relaxing about plants and they will really add a certain vibe to your space. You’ll need to choose wisely so the plants can survive in your location of choice. Kitchens and dining rooms can be brought to life if you regularly place a vase of fresh flowers in a prominent location.
Add a Touch of Nature

Bare Walls Are Boring

While you won’t want every single wall in your house cluttered up with photos, artwork and shelving, having bare walls everywhere can really make a room feel sterile. Maybe one wall could be dedicated to displaying a lot of photos or works of art, while other walls are simply broken up with one piece, or even a mirror. You might even want to consider a feature wall in the living room with directional lighting to highlight it.

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