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Reclaimed Wood: Decorating with a New Purpose

Reclaimed Wood: Decorating with a New Purpose

For centuries, wood has been used in a variety of ways, from building homes and fences to packing materials. Most older structures that are made of wood still have life today because wood is such a durable material. Even when the wood has reached its prime, it can be used again in a different way. Learning how to reuse wood can allow the material to serve a new purpose. Not to mention, restoring wood is environmentally friendly.

Beautiful Appearance

The appearance of reclaimed wood is quite beautiful due to the pattern and coloring. It might have an unusual patina, saw marks or nail holes, giving the wood a unique appearance. The wood can easily be repurposed to have a different look or use. Reclaimed wood comes in a variety of species, colors and grain patterns.

The wood can have dark areas, light areas, knot holes and other features that create character marks. Reclaimed wood can come from old homes, railway stations, factories and other buildings which gives the wood a story. The history of the wood can make it more appealing for projects such as shelving or furniture.

Reclaimed wood products date back before the 1930s, so much of the lumber you might purchase will be a century old or even older. Just because the wood is old does not mean that it is unusable. When wood is well-cared for it can be used again and again and last for decades more.


So how do you use reclaimed wood? The material can be used in a variety of ways. Some reclaimed wood is repurposed and used for flooring while other wood is used to construct furniture like end tables or dining room sets. Wood beams or decorative wood paneling is an excellent example of how reclaimed wood can be reused in a new way of bringing character to the space.

For more information on Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood, check out the infographic below.

Elmwood Infographic

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