Reasons For Regular Dental Checkups

Not everyone looks forward to their scheduled dental appointment. This is despite the fact that there are only two in a year. If you loathe going for checkups, it might be time to start looking for a new dentist as that could be the problem. For most people, the decision of choosing a dentist was never researched. They just found themselves working with the first dentist they came across which shouldn’t be the case. There are a couple of reasons why regular dental checkups with the dentists from Signature Smiles Hartford are important and we’re going to highlight some of them here.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a disease that can effectively be treated provided it is discovered early. It can manifest in different ways in the mouth. When the signs are not diagnosed early, it will be a challenge trying to treat the disease. A good dentist should have the skills needed to identify and diagnose the symptoms of oral cancer when the disease is at its early stages. Those who’ve never gone for dental checkups will never know about the risks of getting oral cancer. They will only get to find out when the disease as fully matured and treating it will be a challenge.
The dentist will perform a Velscop cancer exam which is non-invasive. The screening is also painless and shouldn’t be something you should be worried about.

Tartar, Plaque, Cavities


Even if you diligently brush your mouth twice a day and floss, there are some areas that will be hard to clean. It can be difficult to remove plaque when it has built up for a long time. You will need a hygienist to clean the mouth and this will only happen during the dental checkups. Regular cleaning will also prevent tartar from eroding teeth. Cavities will not give any warning signs and you will just be caught by surprise. Regular checkups will isolate potential problems and provide treatment so that they don’t get out of hand down the line.

Cleaning the teeth is way more affordable than getting filing. You can avoid such a predicament by visiting the dentist at least twice a year. You should also floss more often if you’re looking to get rid of the plaque buildup which can happen almost on a daily basis. You can check out this water flosser guide if you’re looking to try something new.

Gum Disease

Tartar and plaque buildup will not only lead to tooth decay but could also lead to bleeding gums too. This usually comes about when tartar buildup results in an infection. The infection is known as gingivitis and will make the gums pull away from the teeth. It will then progress to the tissue before it fully becomes a gum disease. Gum disease could also lead to issues with the jawline which holds everything together. Regular visits to the dentists will ensure that gum disease is being detected early. You will require several appointments for the treatment which is likely to leave a hole in your pocket.

Monitoring Bad Habits

Monitoring Bad Habits
There are some habits that will have a negative impact on your oral health. Some of these habits can be addictive and you might not realize they’re causing problems when you’re indulging. Some of these habits include smoking, drinking red wine frequently, taking sweets, and brushing your teeth too hard. It is imperative that you’re aware of the destructive behaviors that will be causing damage to your teeth. A dentist not only provides treatment but is also able to advise on oral healthcare maintenance and some of the best practices for healthy teeth. A visit to the dentist will help in fixing the damage that has been done and also in coming up with a solution on how to mitigate the specific set of problems in the future.

Finding Underlying Problems

Sometimes a physical inspection is not enough to discover all the dental problems. One of the important reasons for visiting the dentist every six months is you get your teeth and jawbone x-rayed. The x-rays will give the dentist insights into what could be happening beneath the surface of what is beyond the human eye. They’re able to assess if there is damage to the teeth and jawline. There are destructive diseases that show no symptoms but can be discovered with x-rays.

To sum it up, dental checkups are worth it if you’re looking to avoid some problems in the future. The dentist will know if there is an issue so that the right treatment can be recommended. This will ensure that you’re healthy and you’re not spending money on expensive treatment options.

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