Ready to Upgrade the Shower in Your Main Bathroom – How to Guarantee Great Results

Has the time come where you need to tackle a bathroom makeover project? Has your shower seen better days and despite the constant cleaning you do, it just looks worn and old? Maybe your needs and design style have changed too and you’re looking for something larger and more luxurious. Regardless of the reason for the shower upgrade, this is a fairly common home renovation project thanks to the fabulous results it offers.

But, how can you make sure that everything turns out how you envisioned it? Here are some tips that will help guarantee that your shower upgrade turns out perfectly.

Start Shopping Around and Get Ideas


A great place to start is with some research. Rather than jumping right in and tearing out the shower, there should be some planning that goes into it. What kind of shower do you want to replace it with? Do you want the same sized shower? Will you be reconfiguring the bathroom while you’re at it and therefore relocating the shower? Will you be using different materials? What about the showerhead and fixtures?

These are just some of the questions you’ll want to ask so you can get a firm budget in place and order all the necessary materials well in advance of starting the project.

Call a Professional Plumber and Don’t Get In Over Your Head

This is one of the most important tips that can be shared, and one that far too many people skim over and assume they can DIY the project. Calling a professional plumber to upgrade the new shower by installing it will ensure that everything is doing properly from the get-go.

As this plumber in Burleson points out, there may even need to be re-piping of the water lines necessary in order for the new shower to fit. This is the kind of job you don’t want to be fiddling with yourself and especially without the right tools, training, and experience. It’s always good to know when something is over your head and above your area of expertise.

Will the Upgrade Meet Your Needs on a Long-Term Basis?

It’s also wise to ask yourself if this upgrade will just get you by for right now or if the results will offer long-term satisfaction?

Chances are you don’t want to be ripping out the shower in another couple of years, tackling the same project all over again. So with that in mind, it’s important to think about the future and make sure all the design and material choices you make will hold up years from now.


Understand Issues Can Come Up

The final tip is to be realistic about the project. No matter what home improvement project you tackle, issues are bound to come up, it’s just the nature of the game. This means you need to expect the unexpected and have a contingency plan and fund in place.

Enjoy Spectacular Results

By using each of these tips, you’ll be able to upgrade the shower in your bathroom and get the exact results that you were after.

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