Re Design Your Kitchen Using Black Kitchen Cabinets


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People have different opinions when it comes to color. Different people have different favorite colors for various reasons. More so, the color you choose to put in your kitchen is one important thing to consider as it is a major room in every household. Kitchen cabinets come in different designs, colors, and sizes according to what one prefers. Cabinets are what catch the eye first of anyone that enters that space. Therefore, choosing the right color is very important

Having black kitchen cabinets could definitely be something you least think of, anyway, you might just change your mind after going through this article on how you can bring these into your kitchen.

Why black kitchen cabinets?

In this article below, we will discuss different reasons why you should consider having black kitchen cabinets:


You will be shocked at just how much people use this color in their kitchen despite the fact that many others might just relate these to dirtiness. According to research black has been one color that is being used in modern kitchen cabinets. This makes the color trendier and in style compared to many other colors. 


This is definitely a color that will give you less stress when it comes to decoration and synchronizing it with other colors and kitchen accessories. This is because being a dark color it will definitely go with anything. It also comes in different hues that will add drama to your space and make it pop. Also, when it comes to finishing and adding to the rest of the kitchen fixtures like door knobs and handles it will definitely fit.

Easy to maintain

Black is definitely easy to maintain, this is because, compared to the lighter shades, it barely shows food stains or oil spillage. You also don’t have to worry much about maintenance as they barely show wear and tear, this, therefore, means, you don’t have to go to the store to repair or replace the parts with every little scratch. When it comes to cleaning them, black kitchen cabinets are definitely the easiest to maintain as their cleaning might not be a lot of work like with brighter colors.

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Black is a color that is associated with being bold and beautiful. Having it in your kitchen will therefore be a good idea as it will with no doubt catch the eye of the people that come in. It is a color that just makes a statement and is elegant and sophisticated. 

Contours your space

Black is known for its ability to make bigger spaces appear small. This makes it a number one preference to many people who just want that pretty, cozy, and more intimate space. If that’s what you are looking for you will consider black kitchen cabinets considering that the color of your cabinets and kitchen affects the mood and general outlook of your kitchen.

Great resale value

Due to black kitchen cabinets being modern, they are what most people will be looking for when planning or getting a new house. This will therefore be a good thing for you as you will not have a lot of stress trying to convince people to actually buy or rent out the house.

How to make your kitchen better with black kitchen cabinets?

Add extra lighting

With the dark nature of the color black, your kitchen may tend to appear darker or gothic. This being a space where you prepare food and maybe spend lots of special times with your loved ones, you might want to work a little more on the lighting, especially with black kitchen cabinets. You can do so by making bigger windows for the penetration of natural light or you can have more pendant lights along the cabinets.

Incorporate other colors

Using black with other colors will work really well as black goes with almost any color; be it gold, gold, white, stainless steel …name it. For example, you can choose to have the walls in white to create that beautiful contrast, and on the tiles and ceiling too. For the knobs and handles, you can go with gold, then, add a touch of stainless steel on the kitchen cutlery and cooking equipment just to put the contrast. 


In as much as black kitchen cabinets barely show any dirt, food particles, or oil spills, it is important to pay more attention to the cleanliness of these cabinets. This is because pilled-up dirt or food spills will be a bad look on the kitchen space. Finding their cleaning detergents is also not a hustle anymore as you can find them in your nearest store. 


The wear and tear of these cabinets barely show, but, this doesn’t mean that you totally ignore the ones that you can see. Considering that these cabinets carry and store most of your kitchen valuables, it is important to make sure you maintain them for longer service.

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Important things to consider when buying black kitchen cabinets


This is really important as good quality means better and longer service. For long-term things, it is always good to go for quality over quantity. 


It is always important to have a budget that you are working with. This will help you come up with the price range of the kitchen cabinets that you want. Different designs, sizes, and wood materials have different prices. Go for something that is affordable but the quality is good. 

Kitchen space

Knowing your kitchen space will help you know the right size of cabinets to pick. Also, it will be easier to decide on the design that will fit your space. 

Where to get the best black kitchen cabinets for your kitchen

You can get your black kitchen cabinets on online shopping platforms or furniture shops near you. 


After reading through this article, I believe that you are confident enough and maybe are now considering having these beautiful black kitchen cabinets as a part of your kitchen. 

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