A Simple Guide to Buying Pine Furniture


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When it comes to buying wooden furniture for your home, you have so many different types of wood to think about. Wooden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, but also types of wood. The wood type used determines the look of the entire furniture set. Darker woods like mahogany stand out and are striking; other woods, such as pine, tend to look quite ornate and regal. If you fancy pine furniture for your home, though, it can be harder to buy than you first assume.

Why pine?

First off, why should you go down the route of using pine furniture?

The primary reason is this: the standard and quality. Unlike other wooden furniture, pine is solid. Pine is a top quality choice because it comes so strongly built. Pine is a softwood, but that does not mean that it is weak – quite the opposite. Pine works very well in all room types, too; you can easily use pine in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and your bedrooms. It looks great and it can easily be matched in with the design that you already have.

Pine is also quite a unique wood in that it can look as fitting in a new, modern property as it does in something more ornate and antiquated. However, one thing to note is that pine is cheap – so you need to get used to setting a budget. Pine is definitely among the least expensive furniture options, so you can typically get a lot of quality pine furniture fitted into the budget that you have set. 

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Is there more than one type of pine?

One thing to focus on, too, is that pine furniture comes in various types. So, you tend to get different forms of pine and they include:

  • Parana pine. Typically hailing from South America, this is a light but hard wood that comes with a straight, uniform grain. It looks great, and is commonly used for framing and interior woodwork.
  • Lodgepole pine. Another form of pine that is straight grained, this is a strong yet lightweight form of pine that tends to be ideal for use in paneling or even in the creation of plywood. Great for doors and fence posts, too.
  • Pitch pine. Another popular form of pine, this is commonly used in heavy construction, fencing, and wood pulping. Soft, lightweight, and straight grained, this often needs a sealant finish to get the right end result.
  • Eastern pine. Eastern white pine is commonly used for furniture and carvings, and is very lightweight compared to other pines. However, the grain can be quite inconsistent from summer to winter pine.
  • Scots pine. Very common in the UK, Scots pine is commonly used for flooring, paneling, and interior joinery work. Straight-grained, strong, and lightweight; this is the ideal and most common choice of pine.

Getting the right pine furniture

So, the first thing to focus on is the sizing. Pine furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is more common to find pine in larger, more ornate furniture units. Therefore, you should always make sure that you closely measure the space that you have. Pine is solid, as noted above, so it is not really something that you can force or bully into a tight spot: make sure you buy furniture that fits in your space requirement.

One thing to look into, too, is the construction. If you need to construct pine furniture yourself, it can become much harder than you would assume. It is better to have pine furniture pre-built as the professionals can ensure it is fitted and built into place without any worries about structural quality.

If possible, you should go and visit the pine furniture and try it out for yourself. Open and close the doors, make sure that everything opens and shuts as it should. Look for kinks and knots in the pine, too, as this can cause weakness in the overall structure of the furniture itself.

Lastly, make sure that you double-check that pine furniture to ensure it has been treated for weatherproofing. While you might not be leaving it outside, wood can become impacted by condensation and temperature changes in the room. Treated pine, though, should not have this problem whatsoever. 

Caring for your pine 

Another thing to note about pine is that it can be scratched and/or dented with relative ease. Yes, pine is sturdy – you don’t need to worry about a pine wardrobe collapsing on you – but it can be scratched or dented easily. Therefore, try and use pine in areas with relatively low traffic and/or risk. Also, avoid cramming lots of pine together as it can make it easy for doors, cabinets etc. to hit off one another and damage the pine. 

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Finding Pine Furniture

Of course, the challenge that most people find when it comes to getting pine furniture is locating value for money. Pine is not cheap, after all, so paying for pine can be quite the expense. If you want an easy way out of this, then you should look at buying pine furniture from a respected vendor. 

There are several that you can choose from domestically. For example, there is PineFinders, a seller of antique pine furniture in the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience, too, they can make a great place to shop with so that you can find quality pine furniture that fits your exact needs. Best of all? They ship UK-wide, so you can easily get a delivery right to where you live. Not bad, right?

There is much to think about when it comes to pine. Given it can be used in any room of your house without issue, though, pine furniture is definitely one to focus on for those looking for something a little bit different. If you fancy a high quality furniture setup at home that is easy to put into place (but needs a bit of care and attention) then pine is right for you. Whatever room you choose, you can make pine work to your advantage – and in some style!

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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