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Professional Real Estate Tips for a Successful House Sale

Selling your house is no small matter. Since it was your home for some time, you would want it to be purchased by people who would take care of it as much as you did. But besides the sentimental one, this property also has a financial value, and if you are moving because you need more space, you would naturally wish for it to fetch a good price. Without further ado, here are a few recommendations by professionals to help you sell your beloved family home for a fair price.
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Clean and repair

If you are on a budget, small interior improvements, such as a new carpet or a chandelier, are the perfect solution for you. It is amazing what a few simple additions can do to a room. But, before you add any trinkets, declutter every room to make it more presentable. Even if you have to throw out an old dresser which was a gift from your aunt but didn’t serve any purpose, don’t hesitate, just do it. Next, scrub and clean every corner of the house, so that prospective new owners can see it in the best light. Don’t skip the basement and make sure you get all the cobweb since a neat and spacious basement is always the ideal storage option. Also, give your yard a small makeover by trimming the bushes and grass, as well as by planting some flowers.
Clean and repair
Last but not least, check if anything needs to be repaired unless you wish to discover a rickety chair only once one of the buyers has fallen from it. Fix any existing leakages, check the drains to see if they are clogged, and you can always call a repairman to check the entire house, to avoid uncomfortable surprises. Naturally, if something is old, it is better to just throw it away and save money on the repairs.

Seek expert assistance

If you are still feeling insecure about the sale procedure or if you don’t have time for the preparations and greeting the potential buyers, you could go straight to a real estate agent to do all of that for you. Take Australia for instance, a country with one of the most flourishing real estate markets – asking for advice from an expert is a common practice there.

However, besides an agent, you can also seek expert help on the electricity, the state of plumbing, and wall insulation. Some issues can be fixed quickly and with a small budget, and if there are some issues you cannot afford to repair, it’s best to be straightforward about them. It goes without saying that it is not prudent to hide any flaws regarding the house or the contract since they can be easily discovered. For example, an experienced property buyers’ agent in Sydney would definitely advise the clients against purchasing a property with a questionable sales contract. Professional agents like these are thorough and would demand legal reviews of the contract, as well as inspections of the house itself, so it would be good for you to have everything checked out by your expert.
Seek expert assistance

Try remodeling

If you are thinking in terms of ‘the more you invest, the more you will get in return’, then the bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms to start with. Other rooms can be transformed with smaller alterations to the interior, while these two rooms are particularly convenient for a larger renovation.

The kitchen is usually the place where families meet during the day, regardless of how busy their schedules are. Painting the walls white will make it more luminous, and for it to appear more spacious and inviting, consider, if possible, knocking down a non-structural wall or installing larger windows.

A new family moving in will love this big and bright meeting place. When it comes to the bathroom, albeit a pricier solution, a steam shower could be the tipping point that would persuade the buyers to choose your house. Who wouldn’t love a spa experience after a hard day at work? It does require some alterations to the ceiling since it needs to be slanted, but a promise of a soothing steaming bath would certainly boost the house’s value.

Being a first-time property seller can be somewhat confusing, if not tiring. Even if you have done that before, since law regulations, as well as people’s demands, change, you can still find yourself in a pickle. However, if you prepare your house, clean it, renovate it if necessary, and make sure that everything about the house and the contract is by the book, you have nothing to worry about.

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