Procedure to Make Your DIY Paint Job Last Longer

To save time and money, many homeowners consider painting as a DIY job. But they are worried about the quality of the work as they do not acquire skills like professional painters. That is why, to overcome your fear, we have come up with these professional tips from Dallas Painters to achieve a sleek DIY paint job.

Remove the damaged part of the paint

Remove the damaged part of the paint

First of all, remove the old flakes of paint. If you leave the old paint on the walls and apply a new coat of paint above the old paint, it will turn into flakes faster. So, use sandpaper to soften the surface to prepare it for a new coat.

Clean the surfaces before painting

Remember that dirt is the biggest enemy of paint. Dirt has a slippery texture that prevents paint from sticking on the surface of the wall. So make sure before apply paint on the surface, you clean the surfaces for at least once or if want better results then twice. Use detergent and damp cloth to remove all the debris particles from the walls then use a clean towel to wipe out the surface. If you are doing an exterior painting job, then you need to look at fungi and other pollutants. At last, no matter where you are going to paint, but clean the surface at first.

Prepare damaged part

After removing old paint from the surface, holes, and cracks might be there at the wall surface. Fill up all the holes and cracks present on the wall surface to prepare it for painting.

Keep the surface dry

Keep the surface dry
Water should be a clear no when it comes to applying paint to a surface. Water is the main culprit behind the damage of the paint. Long term water exposure of the water to the painted walls leads to big damage. So make sure you keep the water sprinkler away so the water can’t damage the paint.

Use primer if necessary

Remember that primer is the foundation of a home. If the foundation of something is not appropriate then the thing would not last long. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the primer as well. All the areas that need to be painted require a coat of primer to prepare a soother surface. After extensive scraping, give a coat of primer to your home. Primer is also available for several varieties with their advantages and disadvantages. Still, oil-based primers are considered better than that of latex primer in certain areas while on others, latex is considered a better option.

It is time to paint using proper techniques

When it comes to painting, make sure to use the right painting technique. You need to care for everything from paint thickness to painting pattern and much more. If you keep the color coat too thin then it will look dull after drying. It is important to apply the paint at the right thickness. The thickness should be around the thickness of a copier paper when it is wet. Too thin or too thick paint would not remain for the last longer.

Choose the right time to paint

Choose the right time to paint
Harsh weather, humidity and direct sunlight are the enemies of the paint so make sure you consider the right time to paint. The extreme temperature will make your paint dry within a minute which would not leave a good texture on the walls of the paint. So, consider the right time to paint the walls especially when it is an exterior paint job.


Though you should expect the results same as that of professional painters yes, if you follow the above procedure then your paint will last longer on the walls. So, now, if you want to add painting as your to-do list and enjoy painting.

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