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Preparing for Interior Design: 5 Tips

Preparing for Interior Design: 5 Tips

If you love interior design, then chances are high that the idea of designing and decorating a new home is an exciting prospect for you. When it comes to interior décor, planning and preparation is just as important as the finished result.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you have home décor plans you can depend on.

Consider the Lighting

You may have your dream color palette at the ready, but certain lighting levels may result in colors looking completely different. If you have a room which is lacking in natural light, artificial light sources may serve to change the appearance of a wall color.
Consider the Lighting

It’s a good idea to think carefully about rooms with low light, especially with darker colors which may look even darker.

Try a Test Patch

Always be sure that a color you have chosen for a room is the right one by trying it on the wall first and allowing it to dry. You can purchase test paints and try out a few different colors to make sure you achieve the right look.

There May Be Restrictions if You’re Renting

Whether you’re already renting, or if you’re considering renting for your next property, you need to be aware that your interior design dreams may not come to fruition. A lot of landlords will be extremely strict about what you can and can’t do with the interior of a property (some may not even want you to hang pictures to mark the walls).

This means that you will have to plan around your property specifications, or it may mean that you can’t change any of the interior at all.

If these restrictions do not enable you to fulfil your hope for interior design, then you may want to consider buying a property instead. You will therefore have free reign over how you choose to decorate (or even renovate). For those first time buyers who need a helping hand, there is always a help to buy scheme to get you into your dream home.

Plan How You’re Going to Navigate Around Decorating

Some interior design projects may see access to certain rooms cut off, or normal lifestyle tasks become extremely difficult. Interior projects are great when you start them, but you suddenly realize that you need to get into a room, need to walk across a floor you’ve just varnished, or need to use a bathroom which you are completely overhauling, and this can make things difficult.
Plan How You’re Going to Navigate Around Decorating
For big projects, always plan out how to avoid disrupting your routine. Be sure you can still access basic facilities like food, drink and the bathroom.

Prepare Your Surfaces

You should give all relevant surfaces a good clean and dusting before attempting any decorating or painting. Other surfaces, such as wood, may need extra preparation like sanding if you’re planning on painting or varnishing. Give surfaces a chance to dry and air out from cleaning or dusting before you begin decorating.

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