8 Budget-Friendly Home Extension Ideas

It can generally go without saying that most people appreciate having a good amount of room inside their homes. Depending on what goes on in your life, you may quickly find that your house doesn’t have as much space as you may have previously thought.

Here are some extension ideas that you should consider first so that you can save some money while increasing the amount of space your home has.

1. Create a Kitchen Diner

Many people want to make sure that their kitchens are large and spacious as the kitchen is one of the largest rooms in the entire house. With that being said, it can be expensive and extremely time-consuming to actually try and physically expand the walls of a kitchen. If you want to feel as if your kitchen has more space in it, then you may want to consider creating a kitchen diner. One of the most cost-efficient ways to do this is to rely on a side return extension. This can provide more room inside your kitchen without costing nearly as much as trying to add a significant amount of space into your house. Most home builders in Adelaide will be more than happy to build one of these for you.
Create a Kitchen Diner

2. Add a Sizeable Porch

Another way to add more space to your home without breaking the bank in the process is to add onto an existing porch or patio. If you do not have one of these set up already, you can have the house builders in Adelaide build one for you. Before you know it, you will have ample space to sit outside with a cold drink and simply relax. A good porch or patio can easily add onto the value of your house as well if you want to make sure that your house retains its value over the years.

3. Work with a Garage

If you already have a garage but find that you don’t mind parking your car in the driveway, you may want to consider the idea of converting that garage into another room of your house and simply leaving your car outside. This can create the feeling of having a whole new room on your property without forcing you to spend a considerable amount of money trying to get it built onto the existing house. A garage can easily be converted into another room for you to have a nice, separate part of your property away from the main house.

4. Add an Extra Bedroom

While this idea will only work if your current garage has a very stable foundation and the garage itself is pretty sturdy, it can end up working out quite well. Assuming that your garage meets the conditions, you can consider adding another storey onto it and creating a bedroom over the garage. If you combine this with converting an already existing garage into another room, you can create a small little two-storey building that can be a comfortable place to sleep and hang out if you want some time away from the main building of your home.
Add an Extra Bedroom

5. Rely on Cheaper Alternatives

Chances are that there will always be a cheaper alternative that you can use when you want your new home extension or addition to look a particular way. For example, if you want to have a rough stone appearance on a wall, you may want to consider using cladding to provide a similar appearance to what you might be looking for rather than paying for the time and money spent on the materials and transporting them. Doing this can ensure that your house looks the way that you want it to look while still remaining an affordable makeover.

6. Keep Things Simple

If you really must do an expensive extension on your house to get the effect that you are looking for, the most important thing that you will need to keep in mind is that you will want to try to keep the design as simple as you can. Making the design for your extension complex and time-consuming will mean that you will pay the price, quite literally, for it. If you want to keep things on the cheaper end of the scale, you will want to keep the extension simple, adding more details when you have enough money to handle the additional costs. In the beginning, you should try and keep things as barebones as you need them.

7. Add a Garden Room

Most people can appreciate the outdoors as well as being able to experience the beauty of the plants around them. Because of this, it may do you well to consider adding a garden room or something similar when you are planning out your extensions. A garden room is a relatively cheap extension that often doesn’t need a lot of extras such as electrical work because of the nature of it. For instance, because most garden rooms have windows along all the walls, you often don’t need a lot of lighting as the natural light will brighten the whole room.

8. Consider a Loft Conversion

Consider a Loft Conversion
Much in the same fashion as people can convert their garages into another room that is simply separated from the main body of the house, people can convert lofts to be another room as well as long as there is enough support underneath it. Lofts can often become additional bedrooms, storage rooms, or similar rooms.

House extensions don’t have to cost as much as the house itself. Instead of emptying your savings on getting a brand-new house extension, here are eight alternatives that you can consider. They range from converting a loft or a garage to simply expanding one room or adding a room that will not need a lot of work done inside of it, such as a garden room.

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