Power Washers and Pressure Washers: When To Use Them

They both seem like the same thing, right? Power washing and pressure washing, however, are not the same.

There are plenty of things that can be cleaned by pressure washing that would be ruined if you tried to use a power washer instead.

Understanding the difference and also knowing what you should clean with which system is going to give you the best results.

In this article, I will go over some of the things you may want to give a deep clean and which system is going to be best.

Pressure washer vs power washer

The biggest difference between the two is that a power washer uses hot water in addition to the pressure.

A pressure washer doesn’t use heated water but the pressure of the water is what gets the surface clean.

Both use varying degrees of pressure to clean so be careful about what you decide to clean and with what pressure. The heat and pressure of the power washer can cause damage on certain surfaces, however.
Pressure washer vs power washer

There are gas as well as electric pressure washers just as there are with power washers. When getting rid of dirt and grime, either one will work. If you are dealing with mold and mildew, then the hot water from a power washer is the way to go.

Cleaning the garden

If you are looking to spruce up your garden, then using a pressure washer is the way to go.

Instead of scrubbing your deck furniture for hours, try the pressure washer. You can bring your whites back to looking new within a few minutes.

The brick walkway leading out to the garden or your dirty fence can be cleaned up with either a power or pressure washer. It depends on what the dirt is. As I mentioned, if they are moldy then definitely use the power washer. Be careful if they are painted, however.

The grill

Since your grill is likely to be greasy and very difficult to clean, then this is the ideal time for a power washer. All that caked on grease and grime will get dissolved by the hot water and detergents from the power washer.

It’s a good idea to use a power washer once in a while during the season and before you put the grill away for the winter.

Your gutters

Your gutter.
Cleaning out your gutters is essential as clogged gutters can do quite a bit of damage. You risk cracks in your foundation and water getting into your walls if you live in a snowy area.

Taking your pressure washer to those gutters makes keeping them free from debris very easy. You could pay somebody to do it, but your pressure washer pays for itself the first time you use it if you do it yourself.

Choose detergents carefully

Try to use soap instead of detergent as it is possible to find one that is biodegradable. A natural soap is easy to find and is also gentle on the surface you are cleaning.

Detergents can be harsh so make sure that the surface doesn’t have any paint or stain. You can use detergents on things like concrete or stone without any problems.

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