Popular Home Improvement Trends in Kentucky

There’s nothing better than moving to a new home. Really, this kind of process allows for one thing we all crave; a fresh start in our personal lives. When you’re looking at a clean slate in terms of interior design, you’re finally free to furnish it just the way you’ve always dreamed of doing. And even if you just want to remodel an old home; even better! This will be just the breath of fresh air you need in your daily life. And that’s why you may want to become familiar with the most popular home improvement trends in Kentucky these days.

Don’t worry, that quest won’t be too much of a hassle; because we’re here with the intention of giving you a quick run-down!

New Technologies

The days when we were merely entering the 21st century are long gone; in fact, we’re smack dab in the middle of it. And though we don’t think about that on a daily basis, technology has definitely affected almost every aspect of our daily lives; especially everyone’s home life. That’s why the implementation of new technologies in your home is definitely one of the biggest home improvement trends as of late. You’ll find that ‘smart homes’ are far from a sci-fi prototype these days. With a large number of small tweaks, you can easily make your home into something that would’ve been seen as a futuristic dream just a couple of decades ago.

Plus, seeing as the lines separating our private and professional worlds have increasingly become blurry; most of us with fast-paced careers have the need of being connected to our work 24/7. With that in mind, implementing the very forefront of digital technologies in our homes becomes even more important. So, before you find a moving company on Best Cross Country Movers to take you to your new home; consider implementing some of the myriad tech advancements available for your household. And don’t worry, we have a couple of suggestions below.
New Technologies


If you’re leaving Kentucky for good and looking to start a new life elsewhere, and you take our advice in mind; you’ll be looking for home improvement trends in household technologies. And once you start dabbling in that, one thing you’ll realize pretty soon is; the word of the day is automation. Trust us, automation options are the next word in home improvement. Such tweaks allow the residents of any household to enjoy a flexible lifestyle with a degree of convenience higher than ever before. Plus, you’ll be able to incorporate some energy-saving features that are both eco-friendly and help you cut down on the power bill.

And if you intend on selling your home in the near future and that’s the reason why you’re looking at home improvement options; this goes double! You only need a cursory glance at the real estate market to realize one simple fact; homes with any kind of smart features sell much more quickly, and for far better money than those without them.

Specific Home Improvement Trends in Tech

Specific Home Improvement Trends in Tech
So, where should you start when it comes to home improvement trends related to technology? If you ask us, you should start from the very cheapest options. And then, if you like the changes you’ve made, work your way up to more expensive tweaks. This means beginning with the automation of otherwise analog parts of your household. With very basic hardware in tandem with free mobile apps, you can operate your thermostats, lighting, sump pumps and ceiling fans via WiFi or Bluetooth. We don’t really have to spend much time explaining just why these improve your quality of life immensely. With what amounts to an afternoon’s worth of work, you can cut down on menial tasks around the house forevermore.

And once you’re done with that, you can move onto installing automated blinds, shades, and other kinds of window treatments. Generally, these are a more expensive investment; as they require you installing completely new blinds that have a motor and a remote. But trust us, this will add a lot to your home in terms of practicality and buyer appeal. Also, if you don’t intend on selling and you’re merely fixing it up for yourself; consider buying some smart appliances.

Smart Appliances

If you haven’t bought any appliances in the past couple of years, you may not have realized just how big smart appliances are in terms of popular home improvement trends. As 2020 fast approaches, having a fridge that reminds you of restocking items automatically is basically a must-have. Also, you can purchase a washer and dryer that is controllable from a distance, just like your other abovementioned household items. Believe us – the time of the WiFi-operated coffeemaker is not coming; it’s already here!
Smart Apliance
When we’ve talked about all of this, there’s really no need to mention smart TVs and similar entertainment systems. Obviously, these days such items are routinely controlled through mobile apps. The only thing that’s left is the purchase of smart LED lights which can change color on a whim, and you’re basically set! You may notice that we haven’t mentioned smart assistants such as Alexa. That’s because, due to privacy concerns, these are a matter of personal taste. But if you believe that this will further benefit your household, definitely go for it and truly have a home of the future!

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