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Plumbing Problems In Summer

Plumbing problems can happen at any time of year, though plumbers and engineers are usually the busiest in winter. This is because things like hot water and heating will be relied on more during this season and so problems that arise are more likely to be noticed. The cold temperatures can also cause pipes to freeze, get blocked with ice and then burst.

Some potential winter problems could even be detected or prevented earlier during summer, so it may be a better time to get your plumbing system professionally checked whilst it’s not as busy. 

The hot temperatures during summer may also lead to issues, and here are some examples…

Extra Stress on Plumbing System

In hot weather, we are more likely to be dehydrated so we will drink more water to compensate for this. We also might use sprinklers, paddling pools and water plants more if it’s dry and sunny (and we want any excuse to go outside). We also might get hot and sweaty and need an extra cooling shower. 

This additional usage of water can put stress on your plumbing system and make any pre-existing issues more obvious. This could mean blockages or leaks. 

Excess Water

Even though you might think warmer weather will make light work of excess water, drying it up quicker, too much water can still cause damage, dampness and mould. Without good ventilation keeping rooms cool and dry, the hot temperatures can become a breeding ground that emphasises unpleasant damp smells. Though it’s not nice for you, it may attract bugs, already roaming free in this kind of weather. Don’t let one problem turn into two, search for local plumbers before you need pest control too.

Problems with Kitchen Drains

Drains clogged with food isn’t ideal at any time of year, but in summer it can become quite a smelly problem. Old pieces of food and other items caught in your drains can be re-heated by the temperatures and just as the heat emphasises the smell of damp, it will enhance the foul smell of food that’s gone off. 

To avoid this problem, try to clear as much food off plates and into bins rather than rinsing it down the sink. If you do notice bad smells from your drain, try attacking it with a combination of baking soda, vinegar and boiling water or a dedicated cleaning solution from the supermarket.


Clogged Shower Drains

Whilst taking advantage of the good weather by going outside and travelling down to the beach or park, we may bring bits of nature back with us without realising. Sand gets everywhere, especially if we’ve been walking on it barefoot. As we wash it off, the sand, as well as small stones, pebbles, or even blades of grass that get stuck to us, will end up putting an additional pressure on drains as we shower it off. 

If you notice things like the drain in your shower clearing slower than usual, it could be caused by debris blocking the pipes. To help avoid this, you can buy a drain cover that can catch this debris and prevent blockages.

Just like with avoiding putting too much food down your drains, try to brush off any excess sand and debris outside before you get in the shower, perhaps even hosing your feet down in the garden with some refreshingly cool water. Try not to rely on drains to handle everything you throw at them, they’re mostly for water after all.

Plant Damage

Plants thrive in the sunny weather, and while that’s good if you want your garden looking pretty, it could cause problems with pipes underneath. Plant roots can grow downwards through cracks in pipes, blocking the flow. 

Sun Damage

The heat rays from the sun can cause the plastic of outside water pipes to crack. In more extreme sunny weather, the heat can dry up the ground and affect pipes below, leading to a rupture. If you can’t seem to see the problem, this could be the cause and you may need a CCTV survey from a drainage expert.

Get Help Today

Summer is a good time to get issues sorted, so don’t put off expert help until you’re stuck needing it at a busy time. Call an expert today.

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