Planning a Home Makeover? 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For an Interior Design Service


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Our homes are a place to rest and relax, to enjoy the company of loved ones, and a safe haven for our families. It is only fitting that we want our homes to make us feel good. 

This is where interior design comes in. Good interior design creates a series of spaces within your home that suit you and your family’s tastes and needs perfectly. 

Are you looking to revitalize part of your home? Or do you have a new home that you want to make your own from top to bottom? Want to create the “wow factor” but unsure how to begin? Then read on to discover how you can achieve your ideal home. 

Whether you want to create a peaceful, romantic sanctuary, a vibrant entertaining space, or a home office to fuel your creativity, interior design services can help you achieve the room or rooms of your dreams.

Why good interior design is important

There are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to Interior design. It isn’t just about choosing wallpaper and furniture. It’s not really about trying to decorate a room in the best taste or with creative flair. Interior design is far more complex than this. 

The goal of good interior design is to maximize the user experience in a room. This means:

  • The use of space needs to be efficient, with not too much or too little furniture. 
  • The room needs to be practical and comfortable, with ample space to move around.
  • There needs to be good use of both natural and artificial light.
  • The room needs to suit the tastes of its occupants and be pleasing to the eye. 

That’s a lot to get right. The aim is to achieve a space that is both very liveable and really enjoyable to spend time in — an area that will enhance your quality of life. There shouldn’t be any irritations or eyesores present. What you should have is a harmonious, beautiful space

While it is possible to choose and put together all the elements for a room yourself, an interior design service guarantees incredible results. Here are five reasons to choose professionals for the job:

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1. They utilize their professional expertise 

As explained above, the design of a room is more complex than many people assume. Interior designers have studied and worked for years in the art of maximizing the practicality and beauty of a space. They will have helped many, many discerning homeowners achieve beautiful spaces and they have an accomplished perspective of what does and does not work in a living space

The interior design process works like this. First, the designer will want to thoroughly evaluate the space by looking at both how the room will be used and its permanent features like doorways and windows. They’ll listen to your needs and desires to ensure they have a thorough understanding of your likes and dislikes, and your hopes for the space. If there are furnishings in the room you’d like to keep, then they will note this.

There will then be a period of reflection when the designer considers various options that may work. Their experienced eye can mean that they can envisage options for the room that you may never have dreamt of by yourself. They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to materials and methods, which you get to utilize. 

Next, they will present to you their ideas for color schemes, furniture and soft furnishings, window furnishings and decorative pieces. These ideas will tie together and work in harmony, perfectly complementing each other and the existing qualities of the room. Once you have agreed on the look of the room, they will oversee the creation of your ideal room. 

2. They decorate with confidence

Lots of us have some idea of what we want to achieve. We might have particular pieces of furniture, or wallpapers, or other specifics in mind. Or we might just have a vague idea of a color scheme or overall theme to the room. 

What many of us lack, however, is the confidence to bring our ideas together and to find other aspects of the room that harmonize. This is where an interior designer can be particularly helpful. They can help you match your ideas with other elements that will work alongside them to realize your dreams. They have a thorough understanding of how pieces of the design “puzzle” can fit seamlessly together. 

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3. They stay on trend

Whether you want a highly contemporary space or something more classic, you can benefit from the industry knowledge of an interior designer. They’ll be able to draw on all the latest global trends to cherry-pick the very best premium home furnishings for your space

Want to make a style statement? Then an interior designer can help you choose on-trend colors, fabrics, contemporary wall coverings, and styles of furniture and lighting that will make your home stand out from the crowd. 

Prefer something more minimalistic or traditional? Then your designer will help you pick out high-quality pieces to get these looks, too. 

4. They save you time and trouble

Getting your interiors right takes time. With a busy lifestyle, finding enough time for a room makeover can be difficult. An interior designer can complete a design much faster, however, since their experience, expertise and professional connections mean they know exactly where to find pieces that will achieve your desired look.

If you are designing or redesigning the interiors of a whole property, know that this is a serious undertaking. An interior designer can help you complete the remodeling much faster and will help keep the project on budget, too. 

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5. Add your signature style

You needn’t worry about an interior designer taking over. They understand they are designing for you and will give you every opportunity to make your mark on a project and to incorporate aspects you love. 

Using a professional design service is a way of achieving a premium look in any room of your home, completely bespoke and suited to your style and tastes. If you are planning a project soon, get in touch with a design service to find out how they can help you achieve an incredible space. 


Rashmi Methil is the Marketing Manager at Al Huzaifa Furniture, purveyor of luxury home furniture, exquisite pieces of fine art and timeless collectibles in the UAE. The brand has forever reimagined the luxury interior experience, curating a collection of artistic luxury that is sophisticated and stylish, and entirely as unique as each customer. 

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