Picking the Perfect Children’s Wall Art: A Room-by-Room Guide

Wall art is a fun and finishing feature that’ll help complete any room. Children’s wall art can be a tough choice to get right due to the amount of variety available and, they can often have the toughest critics; the kids themselves! There’s space for wall art in all kinds of rooms but there are definitely a few things worth considering when it comes to choosing what goes where.

My name is David and I am the proud owner of Paper Steps, a website dedicated to creating personalised children’s wall art. As a designer and creator of all kinds of artwork; I’m delighted to share some thoughts on children’s wall art placement and styling choices within different areas of the home.

Baby’s Nursery

Baby’s Nursery

A baby or toddler’s nursery can be the perfect space for wall art. As many nurseries are neutrally coloured, it is best to try and get some wall art to match. With many rooms being cream, beige or white; it can be tempting to add a splash of colour. However, black and whites can be more visually stimulating for younger babies. In most instances, it’s better to keep design and art choices simple until they come of an age where they can decide it for themselves. Here are some of my recommended nursery pieces:

Toddler’s Bedroom

Toddler’s Bedroom
The décor of a toddler’s bedroom can be important not only to the look of the room but also to a growing child’s development. Wall art, mottos and inspiring prints can do wonders for encouraging positive behaviour. As the bedroom is of course for sleep, there is certainly some room on the walls to help around bedtime. Night-time themed artwork can often help make bedtime a less traumatic experience and friendly night-time characters could potentially be an aid for those unwilling to go to bed!

Child’s Bedroom

Child’s Bedroom
A child’s bedroom certainly holds a lot of value for a child. It’s their den, basecamp and a place to call their own. For some siblings, their own room after a spate of sharing can be the ultimate form of freedom. As well as the decoration and colour of the room being completed especially for them; a personalised piece of wall art can really be the icing on the cake! Through my website, I’ve made it possible to easily add a name to a featured design to really help make it that little more special.

Kid’s Playroom

Kid’s Playroom
Playroom art is where the fun can begin. Art including bold colours and super-fun characters can allow this space to be vibrant and full-of-life. Often a place of mischief and creative fun, there’s plenty of room for some fun wall art to go alongside hung drawings and handmade creations. Plenty of my designs have exuberant characters and funky designs that are sure to be bright, bold and eye-catching. Allow these pieces of art to make your playroom the centre of creativity, colour and family life!

Family Room

Family Room
A large influence on the work I create is ensuring that it is suitable and enjoyable for the whole family. Although the designs I make are currently tailored for children, there’s nothing stopping them being displayed anywhere around the home. Communal family areas where everyone eats, relaxes and plays could be a perfect spot for some special family-friendly wall art. Personalised family artwork can really bring a whole room, and family, together.

(family friendly wall art)

I hope this mini wall art guide has piqued your interest and has begun inspiring some wall accessorising inspiration! I would love to take the opportunity to invite you to check out some of my designs on https://papersteps.co.uk My growing selection of designs is sure to contain a piece (or two!) that’s perfect for your home and one of your family rooms.

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