Pest Control with In-House Remedies

Nobody wants their home and surroundings filled with pesky creatures and pests. As these pests are hazardous and they can hamper your health a lot. They will cause many diseases for you and your family to avoid them you can get pest control done to your home, or you can do some in-house measures to stop them till you get pest control. Moreover, these measures are really effective so let’s know a few of them:
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Coffee Grinds –

The ants and the garden critters hate the smell of coffee; you can get rid of them. You just need to spread these grinds nearby places from which they are emerging and see the magic.

Citrus Fruit-

Lemon peels, if kept in your closet along with cedar, will help you get rid of the moths and bugs.

For removing spiders, you can use five drops of lemon or orange oil with five drops of soap and 1-quart water and spray on walls, and all the possible places spiders make their webs; this will eliminate them.


This oil will help you in getting rid of all household pests. You just have to mix 10 to 15 drops of this oil in 1 cup of water in a spray bottle, shake it and spray it along cracks and places where insects have their homes; it can be more helpful if you mix it with dish soap. Moreover, the mint can also help you repel flies.
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Neem Oil Insecticides-

This oil is beneficial in killing common garden insects. Neem oil is not harmful to birds, fish and other animals, making it safe to use in your home and garden. To make this spray, you have to mix two teaspoons of neem oil and one teaspoon of liquid soap and water and use it at affected places. You can use it regularly in your garden to save trees from weeds and other pests.

Pepper Spray –

all the termite sweets and other pests in the garden are tough to remove. Still, this magical spray will do your job easy, just mix three tablespoons of hot pepper flakes or ten fresh chopped peppers with 1 litre of water, cook all these ingredients in a pan for about 15 minutes and let it sit for about 24 hours before putting it in a spray and using it.

To make it stronger, you can put a few drops of dish soap and spray it on plants, and at all the probable hideouts of these pests, it will kill them.

Vinegar –

The flies in the kitchen are big headaches for us to make your kitchen free from these fruit flies will have to make a fruit fly trap. To make it, you need to fill a bottle with Vinegar or Apple Cider vinegar with some chopped apple pieces and keep it in your kitchen so that flies get attracted to it and get into the bottle but not out of it and this is how you get rid of them.

These are few ways you can use to get rid of pests, and for other information, visit

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