Paint by Numbers, the Best Hobby for Artists

Art is pure fun and nothing is like spending time to make a painting. It’s an enjoyable way to kill time and use your skills in a constructive way. Why not channelize your energy in such a way that you get something rewarding. Whether you’re a professional artist or a newbie, you will have to invest in the art. 

What is Paint by Numbers?

In painting by numbers, you have a picture. It’s divided into shapes. Each of it is marked with a number, which corresponds to a specific color. You paint these shapes and it results in a beautiful painting. It’s simpler than other forms of painting. 

The best hobby

While choosing a hobby, you must consider some factors. It should be rewarding and enjoyable. It must make you feel good and also kill time in a pleasant way. It shouldn’t require any technical expertise as well. It should give you something unique and truly amazing. You should get something in return and have a memorable experience. Sharing with loved ones should also be cherished.  Paint by numbers, has all these benefits to the artists. So, you can safely go for this as your leisure time activity. 

Some people like hanging out with friends in their spare time, others watch a movie, some go to the beach and a lot of them prefer shopping. These are the activities that may not be as much enjoyed as creating a fine piece of art. Painting is definitely a game changer. It’s a great activity to adopt as a hobby. 

When you’re making a huge painting, it’s going to take many hours or even days. The more you indulge, the more you feel good. This is surely the best thing you can do when you have got plenty of time at home. Never panic about free time now. 

Good for kids

Paint by numbers isn’t only an elder’s hobby. Your kids can also join you and create what they like to. It’s an incredibly smart way to express their ideas. Do it Yourself (DIY)

 Art is something that kids love doing. It lets them exhibit their feelings and thoughts in a fantastic way. They should be free to paint anything they like. It can be a pet, their favorite animated character, a famous place, a natural scene or a house or a car. 

Give your kids freedom to paint anything they find good. It’s better than spending hours with digital gadgets. 

Make sure you supervise them as they paint. Otherwise, they can create a mess all around.  

Practicable ideas

You may be wondering what to paint and how to take the start. The good news is that it’s quite simple and super-easy. If possible, visit an art gallery near your area. There are many art pieces at display. You’ll get to know where to begin. There’s a lot of stuff online for the artists as well. Tutorials and step-by-step guides are given there. You can also leaf through a popular magazine to know what artists are doing. Following trends is good. 

Before painting, brainstorm some ideas. Consider various categories that you can easily paint. It can be animals, flowers, birds, cartoons, monuments, historical places, famous celebrities and so on. Abstract and geometrical designs are also a good option. 

For beginners, it’s recommended to paint something simpler. Choose a design that you will easily paint in an hour or two. 

High-quality tools

When you’ve decided to opt paint by numbers as a hobby, you have to thoroughly enjoy it. To come up with something exciting and impressive, you must use professional tools. Buy paint kits from a reputed brand. Choose high-quality brushes and good canvas. You can buy them online.  A desk and table is better than an easel. Obviously, you can’t stand in front of the easel for several hours to paint. Table is recommended especially when kids are painting. They should sit at a comfortable chair or a sofa while they paint. 

If you’re not sure about which brands are better, you can read the buyer reviews to get to know which one to choose. These give an insight into the product you’re looking for. Don’t worry about the price. Most painting tools are a one-time investment only. These include brushes, tables and an art magazine. 

High-quality tools

Outdoor painting

A great option for paint by numbers is that you can enjoy it on a beach, in a park or even terrace. Backyard, house lawn and patio are other places where you can do it. Why not grab your tools, canvas and desk to move to an outdoor area. There’s plenty of light especially when it’s daytime. Choose early morning or afternoon time because of proper daylight availability. 

At a beach or in a park, you will have a lot of beautiful views to paint. The deep ocean, a sunset, clouds and boats are some ideas that you can draw on the canvas. Park has lovely flowers, trees, plants and grass. The clear sky makes the ambience more attractive. You can paint the view as you see it. Although it’s a bit difficult to paint the natural scenes, they look absolutely awesome.  

Home decor

Paint by numbers is undoubtedly a rewarding hobby. When you have created your masterpieces, you can place them anywhere in the house. Hang on the main wall of the living room, bedroom or even kitchen. They would look perfect anywhere. Put them at a point which is easily noticed. Nothing can be better than decorating your home with your hand made art work.

Home decor

Gift for all occasions

When you’ve chosen painting as a hobby, you have got enough time to draw lots of unique pieces. Why not offer some to your dear ones as a gift. They would love having a symbol of your talent and skill. Besides, it’ll show your deep feelings for them. So, a self-made painting is surely the best present one could ever give to a friend on any event. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or a special occasion; you can choose a painting you have created. 

Custom paintings

Another great thing you can do is to make a portrait of your own or may be a close friend.. Give them as a gift to hang in their room. These are lovelier than normal paintings. They add dimensions to the ordinary art pieces. You can make a single face or even multiple ones as a group of friends sitting side by side. But this requires a higher level of precision and practice. Not everyone can master such type of paint by numbers. 

Enjoy painting as your hobby!

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