Office Cleaning: The Tips of Our Specialists

Staying focused at work can be really difficult, especially if you have a lot of work to finish and deadlines to meet. When it comes to working in the office, one way to get the right mindset is definitely the cleanliness of the workplace.

Although at first, it might seem like a waste of time, in reality, a clean desk does wonders for productivity and concentration. By reducing disorder, the mind is indeed free to focus on the important things to do.
And that is why we have collected 7 tips for a clean and tidy office.

1. Clean your keyboard and computer screen every day with a special cleaner or wipes.

This is 2 minutes at most. Make this a regular habit: for example every morning when you come in or in the evening before you go home.
Especially important if you regularly enjoy a sandwich or something crumbly behind your desk.

If you are busy with your keyboard: take your phone with you straight away.
For example, spray a little all-purpose cleaner on it and wipe it clean.
Once a month you reserve a few extra minutes to clean the keys with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning alcohol.
Clean your keyboard and computer screen every day with a special cleaner or wipes

And of course don’t forget your desktop: every day with a wet cloth with washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner over it does wonder for your mood.
The smartest thing is to do this at the end of your workday so that you can start working at a clean and fresh desk the next morning.

2. Store all essential cleaning supplies and always keep sufficient supplies.

What do you absolutely need? These are the basics that should not be missing in any office:

  •  a vacuum cleaner (and vacuum cleaner bags )
  • a broom and a mop
  • waste bags
  • cleaning wipes
  • a bucket, sponge and washing-up brush
  • various cleaning agents such as dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets if you have a dishwasher, all-purpose cleaner, and cleaning vinegar and toilet cleaner (by the way, it is always handy to have glass cleaner in stock)

Here you will find our extensive (er) checklist with cleaning products for the office.

Another tip: keep all cleaning supplies in a fixed place and ensure that everyone always puts everything back in the same place, so that no one will miss.
And designate someone who is responsible for the stock!

3. Empty all waste bins every day (tip: it is very useful if everyone has their own trash can at their desk).

Also, don’t forget the kitchen! Dispose of all garbage on a daily basis, thus preventing any unpleasant odors and unwanted small four-legged or multi-legged residents in your kitchen or office.

4. Vacuum the kitchen and places to eat every day.
Vacuum the kitchen and places to eat every day.
In this way, insects and rodents will find nothing in your office.
Don’t forget to vacuum at least once or twice a week behind and under your furniture; these are places that house true dust nests in no time.

And don’t forget your office chair! You have no idea how many painters and dust collect here every day …

5. The fridge … it deserves cleaning once a month, especially if more people store their food in it.

Also, check everything that is about the date on that day and throw it away.

To prevent someone ‘accidentally’ eating something tasty from you (by the way, one of the biggest annoyances at the office ), it might be an idea to write your name on your things that you keep in the fridge.

6. Make it a habit to always bring dirty crockery back to the kitchen immediately (including your guests’ coffee cups) and put it in the dishwasher.

If you do not have a dishwasher, make an agreement that used dishes will be cleaned immediately (for example after every meal) and returned to the cupboard dry.
In this way, you avoid heaps of dirty plates, cups, and cutlery on the counter.

7. Take good care of the plants in your office.
Take good care of the plants in your office
Water them regularly (often around with the watering can once a week is sufficient) and clear fallen leaves.
Here you will find even more care tips for your office garden.

If you go to work with these cleaning tips, then it is of course very useful if everyone adheres to this.
That is why it is certainly not a bad idea to make a schedule together with colleagues who do what and when.

In this way, you can ensure a clean office together and also keep it clean with a few simple agreements.

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