New Rules of the Twitch streaming – what you’ve to know



On January 22, 2021, new rules will come into force on Twitch. In the past, many have complained about the platform that it puts forward the rules without disclosing the information in full, this time these users will be happy, since now the information is very detailed!

Since the list is so long, let’s look at just a few examples so that the article doesn’t turn out to be huge and unreadable. (you can find the official data on the Twitch blog ).

Any insults to teammates will be officially prohibited – Previously, during the game “in the heat of the heat” you could speak out on the player, not in any way offend his personality, but only speak out in the direction of his playing style. Now such an act will be strictly prohibited. If you offend your teammate with an angry word – quickly get banned!

Moderators will track not only actions on the platform – also they will track outside it, on your social networks. It is also now forbidden to post pictures, news, and indeed any content that contains discriminatory materials there. No 18+ memes, otherwise they will suddenly be regarded as something more!


Forbidden phrases – Now you cannot say the following: “I am not interested in any minority / protected group”, “I do not support a minority / group” and everything in that format. Even if you are really just not interested in this topic, you will still get a ban for oppression.

You cannot wear T-shirts, sweatshirts and other items with the Arrow cross sign and place the Confederate flag in the frame so as not to support slavery and other political issues.

It is impossible to discuss any population groups and express stereotypes about them, not to mention the visual similarities of some individuals with animals. Do not use the terms of nations according to the color principle, well, it was already so and everyone has already understood.

There are no hints that some groups of the population have problems with the body, one cannot say that a person smells, he is big, he has a lot of hair, etc., so as not to offend body positive people, so to speak. Expressions that call into question the value of a minority should not be used. It is forbidden to talk about superiority over other minorities and groups

To support the country’s internal culture, it is forbidden to talk about any restrictions on anyone’s entry – we are all citizens of the same world!

Comments that show your personal opinion about the attractiveness of another person, even if you think they are used as a compliment, are prohibited – can be regarded as sexual harassment.

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