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Need to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Need to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Here Are 3 Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing To The Average Buyer in Southern California’s Competitive Real Estate Market

When you decide to sell your home, you’re entering into a market where you’ll be competing with numerous other houses for sale with similar features and amenities. Making your home stand out and look as desirable as possible to the highest number of buyers can make a difference in whether your home sells quickly or takes a long time, especially in a competitive market like California. There are a few ways you can make your home more desirable and compete in the market, though:

Work on curb appeal

The exterior is the first thing buyers see, and it’s appearance is of major significance. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 63 percent of home buyers drive by listings they preview online and like. If your home doesn’t have much curb appeal, it could turn off buyers before they even step foot in your home, especially in Southern California’s fierce real estate market.
Work on curb appeal

When you’re putting your house on the market, start by cleaning outside walls and windows, and freshening up your landscaping. At the very least, the lawn should be green and regularly mowed, while shrubs and trees should be cut back. If you’d like to do something extra, fresh flower beds are always a nice touch.

Another thing you can do is repair any damage on your roof. A damaged roof can have a negative impact on a home and, depending on how bad of shape your roof is in, you may need to get money estimates to figure out how much to replace a roof. Then, wait to get your home’s roof replaced before listing your home for sale. Other times, though, a good cleaning and minor repairs are all a roof needs to get it looking like new again.

Paint with Neutral Colors and Modernize Fixtures

A bold colored accent wall in your dining room may seem like a good idea when your redecorating your home, but when you’re selling your home it could turn off potentially interested buyers who have a different taste in style. You want a buyer to be able to imagine themselves in your home.

To appeal to the most amount of buyers paint over any bold or brightly colored walls with a neutral paint color. Neutral colors like beige or light earthy tones often make for good choices when you’re choosing a neutral paint color. Stores like Sherwin Williams and Dunn-Edwards Paint have a wide selection of interior paint colors that you can browse before you make your final choice on a new paint color.

No one wants to buy a home with decor items that resemble their Grandmothers home from 1960. Similar to repainting with neutral colors, updating fixtures can change the look and feel of a home. If your home has outdated fixtures, consider replacing them with modern ones to give it a more appealing look.

Clean and Declutter

Clean and Declutter
There’s no getting around having to clean and declutter when you sell your home. Even homeowners who skip the listing process and sell directly to companies who buy and sell homes like Sell Quick California need to clean and declutter their home before moving.

When you have the possibility of buyers coming in to see your home at any time, maintaining a clean home is important because dirty homes are not appealing to prospective buyers. At the very least, tidy up before a showing and, if your home really needs a deep cleaning, there are service companies you can hire to help with that.

Decluttering your home is important as well. Too much clutter in a room can make a space appear smaller and look untidy so, to show your home in the best way possible, go room to room in your home and declutter where it is needed. Also, take a look at Good Housekeeping for ideas on how to declutter your home.

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